Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Customer Satisfaction

Protecting Customer Privacy

Customers are crucial assets for the Company. Effectively protecting customer privacy is therefore the most fundamental thing to do for a foundry service provider. WIN has formulated confidential information protection policy and information security operating regulations to protect the Company's confidential information, including customer contracts, order forms, and technology-related information. These policies and regulations are disclosed on WIN's internal website for employee access. Customer information is maintained and managed through the use of a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Approval from executive management must be obtained before system access can be made available to a few employees for system updates or searches.

There have been no cases filed against WIN in relation to breaches of customer privacy. The Company will continue to improve its network security configurations to prevent the risks of leaking customers' confidential information.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

WIN has always attached high importance to customer satisfaction. The opinions they express are the driving force for our efforts towards continuous improvements. The focus and practices of our customer satisfaction survey are based on the Company's customer satisfaction survey management procedure. We continuously research and develop our own technologies according to customer and market demands. Monthly or quarterly interviews with customers either in person or through video conferencing are conducted to adjust our internal practices, in order to improve work processes and enhance yield rates. In addition, customer satisfaction questionnaires are distributed every year for comprehensive inspection of improvement goals to ensure that our performance is in line with customer needs.

WIN has, between the period 2013 and 2015, achieved the targeted level of customer satisfaction and has continued to improve. Regarding service and technology, WIN has a dedicated department in place serving as the contact window for customers, which discusses and resolves customers' technical problems. The Company has made considerable investment in R&D to develop competitive process technologies for customers. In terms of quality, excellent product quality is the key to the survival and development of a corporation. WIN imposes stringent quality requirements as a means of maintaining a competitive edge in product quality, which is why the Company has attained multiple certifications from large international firms. Concurrently, WIN has established a customer complaint management system, which immediately documents customer complaint or grievance and forms a corresponding work group to confirm the problem as quickly as possible and respond to the customer for subsequent reflection and improvements. To be better than better, WIN is committed to meeting each and every aspect of customers' needs with the expectation of providing customers with a one-stop shopping business model that enables customers to continue to work with WIN and enjoy peace of mind, without having to waste time finding and verifying another downstream supplier.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy