Investor Relations

Organization Chart

Organization Chart
Major Corporate Functions
Department Functions
Technology Development Strategy Committee (TDSC)
  • Continuously lead the research of technology innovation and integration of diverse technologies to reach the goal of gaining advantage of integrated service.
  • Develop and retain key technical talents and facilitate recruitment strategy for talents.
  • Assist in outlining global strategies of technology and operation.
Auditing Office
  • Regularly and on an ad-hoc basis implementing auditing activities to ensure the operation performance and progress of improvement in different business operation aspects; supervising and reviewing the self-inspection reports prepared by all departments and subsidiaries.
  • Submitting the audit reports, findings of deficiencies of the internal control system and follow up on the correction of any defects and irregularities to the independent directors.
  • Attending and presenting audit reports to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit BU Planning and executing GaAs MMIC’s key materials, technologies, process, equipment improvement, manufacturing and selling.
Optoelectronic Device Development BU R&D and manufacturing for III-V optoelectronic materials and components.
Operation & Manufacture Unit
  • Manages efficiency of manufacturing operations of all fabs and conducts capacity management.
  • Operates mainstream product manufacturing and integrates process engineering technology development to support all BU’s production orders.
  • Ensures implementing quality management system to meet customers’ expectations on products.
  • Coordinates manufacturing operations resources and production demands to drive business efficiency.
Quality Assurance Unit Coordination of product quality improvement and execution of quality control.
  • Implement quality assurance policy and carry out to daily operation.
  • Quality system build up and maintenance.
  • Customers complain management.
  • Engineering changes control.
  • Reliability system building up.
  • Product quality monitoring, analysis, and improvement.
  • Corporate Administration
    • Legal Affairs & Public Relation Office: Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing of contracts and legal documents. Providing of legal advice and consultation to the management, intellectual property management, legal disputes and litigations. Public relation, corporate social responsibility and related projects.
    • Facility Division: Planning, set-up and maintenance of fab facility system.
    • Information Technology Division: Planning, implementation, managing and integration of IT systems, including application system fulfillment and infrastructure establishment in the company.
    • Finance Division: Fund raising, cash control and management analysis, maintaining credit facility and bank relationship, evaluating and monitoring investments, property insurance, stock affairs and investor relations.
    • Accounting Division: Reviewing transaction documents and vouchers, conducting accounting close, tax filing, budgeting and book-keeping.
    • Human Resources Division: Ensuring human resources management to contribute to organization's accomplishment, based upon the company’s business strategy, goals and objectives. Setting up, planning and executing the matters of employee recruitment, training, salary, compensation, welfare performance management and employee engagement.
    • Material Management Department: Supply chain planning and risk management, raw material, machinery and equipments purchasing and subcontracting; inventory planning and controlling, import, export and storage management.
    • Administration Department: Providing administration and management service including employee resident, staff cafeteria, catering service, shuttle bus service, cleaning service and security.
    • EHS Department: Planning, managing and operating of environmental protection, fire prevention and labor safety and health of the company.
    • Management Project Office: Assessment, planning, and implementation of investments and M&A in coordination with the group's strategy and direction. Supervision, management, and professional assistance of subsidiaries.
    • Established an interdepartmental team for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to collaborate various organization fo the company for planning, implementing, compiling and exploring issues of CSR related activities and issuing of CSR report.