Sustainability Performance

  • Recognized in the top

    Ranked among
    TPEx-listed companies in
    Taiwan in the corporate
    governance evaluation
    for 8 consecutive years

  • Top 11%~ 20%
    industry benchmark companies

    Electronics companies with
    a market value of more than NT$10 billion

  • DJSI
    word index

    For 3 consecutive years

  • Actual attendance rate
    100 %

    Compensation Committee and Audit Committee

  • Recycled
    tons of water

    Implemented 12
    water conservation

  • Saved1,558,555
    kWh of electricity
    and 1,266 tons of CO2e

    Implemented 24 energy conservation and carbon reduction measures

  • Received
    Leadership Level
    rating from the CDP

    For the first time

  • The Green Procurement Enterprise Award

    from Taoyuan City

    For 5 consecutive years

  • 100%

    Greenhouse gas verification in the factory area

  • Selected into the
    GEI Index

    For two consecutive years
    as of February 2023

  • NT$138,250

    The amount of childcare subsidies as of the end of 2022

  • 0

    Disabling Injury Severity Rate

  • NT$50,040

    Total investment
    in social engagement

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