Investor Relations

Board of Directors

Chin-Tsai Chen (Dennis Chen), Chairman and President
  • Master Degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco, USA
  • Master Degree in Accounting, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • General Manager & Director, Namchow Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Other Major Positions
  • Vice Chairman, HIWIN Technologies Corp.
  • Chairman, ITEQ Corporation
  • Independent Director, Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.
  • Independent Director, Tong Hsing Electronic Ind, Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Inventec Besta Co., Ltd.
  • Director Representative, Taipei Financial Center Corp.
  • Director Representative, Mercuries Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Yu-Chi Wang, Vice Chairman & Vice President
  • PhD in Material Engineering, Rutgers, USA
Major Experience
  • Researcher, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, USA
  • CEO, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Li-Cheng Yeh, Director
  • Master Degree in Computer Science, Pace University, USA
Major Experience
  • Director, Inventec Corporation
Other Major Positions
  • Vice Chairman, Royal Base Corporation
  • InveneXt System CO., LTD.
  • Director, Inventec Corporation
  • Director Representative, Inventec Appliances Corp.
  • Director, Inventec Besta Co., Ltd.
  • Director Representative, AIMobile Co., Ltd.
Ming-Chien Hsieh, Director
  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Master Degree in Science of Finance, Golden Gate University, USA
Major Experience
  • Chairman, Hua-chuang Development Co., Ltd.
Other Major Positions
  • Chairman, KC Fibertech INC.
  • Going Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Director, Kuo Cheng Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Note: KC Fibertech INC. was previously translated as International Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Kuo-Hua Chen (Kyle Chen), Director & CEO
  • EMBA, Graduate Institute of Accounting, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Fab Director, Macronix International Co., Ltd.
  • BU General Manager, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Other Major Positions
Shun-Ping Chen (Steve Chen), Director & General Manager of Corporate Administration and Chairman of ESG Committee
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Rutgers, USA
Major Experience
  • Manager, Protek (Shanghai) Limited
Other Major Positions
  • Director Representative, NEW FUTURE CAPITAL CO., LTD.
  • Supervisor Representative, CDIB CME Fund Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Wei Chuan Foods Corp.
  • Director Representative, Gogolook Co., Ltd.
Wen-Ming Chang (William Chang), Director and BU General Manager
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Clemson University, USA
Major Experience
  • General Manager, Huga Optotech Inc.
Other Major Positions
Shen-Yi Lee, Independent Director
  • PhD in Law, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Qualified Arbitrator, Chinese Arbitration Association
  • Chairman, Consumer’s Foundation, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • Commissioner, Political Party Review Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
  • Commissioner, Fair Trade Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
  • Director, PharmaEssentia Corp.
  • Member, 2nd and 3rd Sessions, Control Yuan, Taiwan
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, National Chengchi University and Chinese Culture University
Other Major Positions
  • Member of Compensation Committee, Capital Futures Corporation
  • Independent Director &  Compensation Committee Member, Capital Securities Corporation
  • Director Representative, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
  • Director, East Tender Optoelectronics Corporation
  • Director, PharmaEssentia Corp.
  • Supervisor, Taoyuan International Airport Services Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman, One Eternity Foundation Company Limited.
Chin-Shih Lin, Independent Director
  • Master Degree in Accounting, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Other Major Positions
  • CPA
  • Director, Prolific Technology Inc.
  • Independent Director & Member of Compensation Committee, Namchow Holdings Co., Ltd.
Hai-Ming Chen, Independent Director
  • PhD in Management Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Professor, Graduate Institute of Management Science & Dean of Human Resource, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Other Major Positions
  • Chairman of Compensation Committee Member, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
  • Compensation Committee Member, Nanchow Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Independent Director & Chairman of Compensation Committee, Tecom Co., Ltd.
  • Emeritus Professor, Tamang University
Chao-Shun Chang, Independent Director
  • Master Degree in Public Finance, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Chairman, Mega Financial Holding Company Ltd.
  • Chairman, Mega International Commercial Bank
  • Supervisor, First Commercial Bank
  • Chairman, Franklin Templeton First Taiwan Securities Investment Trust Enterprise
  • Supervisor, First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
  • Chairman, Taiwan Business Bank
  • Chairman of First Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and First Commercial Bank
  • CPA
The diversity of composition of the Board of Directors
The Company’s diversification policy for the composition of its Board of Directors is defined in its “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principle” and “Rules for Election of Directors”.
All members of the Board shall have knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform their duties. To achieve the ideal goal of corporate governance, the Board of Directors shall possess the following abilities: 1. Ability to make operational judgments. 2. Ability to perform accounting and financial analysis. 3. Ability to conduct management administration. 4. Ability to conduct crisis management. 5. Knowledge of the industry. 6. An international market perspective. 7. Leadership and make decisions. 8. Law.
In order to comply with the Board diversity policy, the member of the Board is targeted to have at least one female; also, in order to strength the independency of the independent directors, independent directors will not serve for over 3 sessions. The status of the implementation is as follows:
Independent directors account for 36% of all Board members, 45% of all directors are executive directors of the Company, and 9% of directors are female, achieved the target of at least one female director. Four directors are 50 – 59 years old and the rest are all over 60 years old. The four independent directors have not served consecutive terms for over 3 sessions.
Title Name Nationality Gender Age Industry Experience/
Professional skill
Operational Judgment Operation and Management Crisis Management Leadership and Decision-making Industry Knowledge International Outlook Accounting and Financial Law
Chairman Chin-Tsai Chen R.O.C. Male Over 70
Vice Chairman Yu-Chi Wang R.O.C. Male 50~59
Ming-Chien Hsieh R.O.C. Male 50~59
Director Li-Cheng Yeh R.O.C. Male 50~59
Director Wen-Ming Chang R.O.C. Male 60~69
Director Shun-Ping Chen R.O.C. Male 50~59
Director Kuo-Hua Chen R.O.C. Male 60~69
Independent Director Chin-Shih Lin R.O.C. Male 60~69
Independent Director Shen-Yi Lee R.O.C. Male Over 70
Independent Director Hai-Ming Chen R.O.C. Female Over 70
Independent Director Chao-Shun Chang R.O.C. Male Over 70