Investor Relations

Board of Directors

Dennis Chen, Chairman and President
  • Master Degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco, USA
  • Master Degree in Accounting, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • General Manager & Director, Namchow Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Other Major Positions
  • Vice Chairman, HIWIN Technologies Corp.
  • Chairman, ITEQ Corporation
  • Independent Director, Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.
  • Independent Director, Tong Hsing Electronic Ind, Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Inventec Besta Co., Ltd.
  • Director Representative, Taipei Financial Center Corp.
  • Director Representative, Mercuries Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Yu-Chi Wang, Vice Chairman & Chairman of Technology Development Strategy Committee
  • PhD in Material Engineering, Rutgers, USA
Major Experience
  • Researcher, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, USA
  • CEO, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Li-Cheng Yeh, Director
  • Master Degree in Computer Science, Pace University, USA
Major Experience
  • Supervisor, Inventec Energy Corporation
Other Major Positions
  • Vice Chairman, Royal Base Corporation
  • Director, Inventec Corporation
  • Director Representative, Inventec Appliances Corp.
  • Director, Inventec Solar Energy Corporation
  • Director, Inventec Besta Co., Ltd.
  • Director Representative, AIMobile Co., Ltd.
Ming-Chien Hsieh, Representative of International Fiber Technology Co., Ltd, Director
  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Master Degree in Science of Finance, Golden Gate University, USA
Major Experience
  • Chairman, Hua-chuang Development Co., Ltd.
Other Major Positions
  • Chairman, Kuo Chang Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Director, Kuo Cheng Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.
William Chang, Director and BU General Manager
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Clemson University, USA
Major Experience
  • General Manager, Huga Optotech Inc.
Other Major Positions
Steve Chen, Director and General Manager of Corporate Administration
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Rutgers, USA
Major Experience
  • Manager, Protek (Shanghai) Limited
Other Major Positions
  • Director Representative, NEW FUTURE CAPITAL CO., LTD.
  • Supervisor Representative, CDIB CME Fund Ltd.
  • Independent Director, Wei Chuan Foods Corp.
  • Director Representative, Gogolook Co., Ltd.
Shen-Yi Lee, Independent Director
  • PhD in Law, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Qualified Arbitrator, Chinese Arbitration Association
  • Chairman, Consumer’s Foundation, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • Commissioner, Political Party Review Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
  • Commissioner, Fair Trade Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
  • Member, 2nd and 3rd Sessions, Control Yuan, Taiwan
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, National Chengchi University and Chinese Culture University
Other Major Positions
  • Member of Compensation Committee, Capital Futures Corporation
  • Independent Director &  Compensation Committee Member, Capital Securities Corporation
  • Director Representative, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
  • Director, East Tender Optoelectronics Corporation
  • Supervisor, Taoyuan International Airport Services Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman, One Eternity Foundation Company Limited.
Chin-Shih Lin, Independent Director
  • Master Degree in Accounting, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Other Major Positions
  • CPA
  • Director, Prolific Technology Inc.
  • Independent Director & Member of Compensation Committee, Namchow Holdings Co., Ltd.
Hai-Ming Chen, Independent Director
  • PhD in Management Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Major Experience
  • Professor, Graduate Institute of Management Science & Dean of Human Resource, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Other Major Positions
  • Compensation Committee Member, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
  • Compensation Committee Member, Nanchow Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Independent Director & Chairman of Compensation Committee, Tecom Co., Ltd.
  • Emeritus Professor, Tamang University
The diversity of composition of the Board of Directors
Professional Skill Business Judgment and Management Crisis Management /Leadership and Decision-making Industry Knowledge International Outlook Accounting and Financial Law
Name Gender
Chin-Tsai Chen Male
Yu-Chi Wang Male
Wen-Ming Chang Male
Shun-Ping Chen Male
International Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ming-Chien Hsieh
Li-Cheng Yeh Male
Shen-Yi Lee Male
Chin-Shih Lin Male
Hai-Ming Chen Female