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Fab B P1

TEL +886-3-397-5999

Fab A

TEL +886-3-397-5999

Fab B P2

TEL +886-3-397-5999

Fab C

TEL +886-3-397-5999

North America and Europe Sales

Russ WagnerNorth America and Europe

TEL +1-978-828-7488
E-Mail rwagner@use.winfoundry.com

Scott GatleyEastern America

TEL +1-978-873-0009
E-Mail sgatley@use.winfoundry.com

Harry QuinlanEurope

TEL +353-87-175-7307
E-Mail harryq@use.winfoundry.com

Ivan EliashevichWestern America

TEL +1-908-752-5437
E-Mail ieliashevich@use.winfoundry.com

Harry QuinlanMiddle East

TEL +353-87-175-7307
E-Mail harryq@use.winfoundry.com

Asia Sales

Jeff YehAsia

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16102
E-Mail jeffyeh@winfoundry.com

Renee WangChina

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16105
E-Mail reneew@winfoundry.com

Maya ChaiJapan & Korea

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16103
E-Mail mayachai@winfoundry.com

Jim TsaiChina & India & South East Asia

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16108
E-Mail jimtsai@winfoundry.com

Chuck Huang

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16400
E-Mail chuckh@winfoundry.com

Optoelectronic Technology

Brian Lee

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16140
E-Mail brianl@winfoundry.com

Katie Chiang

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16142
E-Mail katiec@winfoundry.com

HT Chen

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.16144
E-Mail htchen@winfoundry.com


Spokesman  Joe Tsen

E-Mail ir@winfoundry.com

Acting Spokesman  Lilith Wu

TEL +886-3-397-5999 Ext.18683
E-Mail ir@winfoundry.com


Emily Chen

E-Mail wincsr@winfoundry.com
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