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Environmental protection, employees’ health and safety management need organized and systematic planning to be implemented in all of WIN. To implement environmental protection and protect employees’ health and safety, WIN established an “ESG Committee”, mainly consisting of executives of centers and departments, which is responsible for implementing environmental protection, occupational health and safety policy, and to set targets objectives, plans, and management mechanisms according to the policy. The "ESG Committee" chairperson reports to the board of directors regularly to ensure the policy outcomes.

EHS Policy

Commitment to pursue zero environmental pollution, zero safety accident, and zero health risk. Continuous improvement in these areas is WIN’s responsibility to its customers, shareholders, staff, public and climate emergency.

WIN is committed

1. To obey all governmental regulations and other consent requirements.

2. To diligently and thoroughly educate and train our staff, suppliers, vendors, contractors, outsourcing partners and other workers, to provide safe and healthy working conditions, and to establish the mechanisms for workers consultation and participation. To exercise due-diligence in our supply chain, with our business partners and for any mergers and acquisitions, to ensure that they meet our strict ethical and quality requirements and that environmental and safety standards are met.

3. To periodic assess the internal and external risk and influence of WIN’s processes and procedures on environmental, safety and health risks. To set quantitative targets and objectives to reduce environmental impacts and safety and health risks.

4. To implement technological enhancements to conserve resources and reduce waste through waste management, to improve production in our operations and business facilities, distribution and logistics, and advancing our products and services.

5. Setting up prioritization and action plans to eliminate hazards, reduce risks, and drive prevention of environmental pollution and occupational accidents.

6. Making continuous improvement of management system to enhance EHS performance.

EHS Policy

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