Compound Semiconductor Device Application Portfolio

III-V compound semiconductor devices, with their ability to function at higher frequencies, have been the preferred technology to implement wireless application for aerospace service. With the exploding demand in commercial broadband/wireless communication and optical communication, compound semiconductor process technology is now widely applied in high frequency, high power, low noise, and optoelectronic products.

WIN’s technology team has substantial experience in GaAs HBT and HEMT MMIC fabrication. This team is familiar with the latest developments in GaAs technology, and will provide continuous research and development to meet our customers' technology requirements. In addition to MMIC technology, WIN has also established optoelectronic device technology such as compound semiconductor lasers and photodiodes. The service embodies Epi-wafer growth, optoelectronic device fabrication, and device characterization.


MMIC Application Portfolio

MMIC Advanced Technology

Optoelectronic Technology Development