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WIN Semiconductors Corp. was founded in October of 1999, and has become the first pure-play 6-inch GaAs foundry in the world. In recognition of the growing demand, three advanced GaAs wafer fabs were established to manufacture cost-effective, high speed, and high quality GaAs MMIC's (monolithic microwave ICs) and RFIC's (radio frequency ICs).

WIN provides dedicated foundry services to design houses and integrated device manufacturers. Using state of the art GaAs technology, WIN supplies HBT and pHEMT MMIC fabrication services to worldwide IC corporations. With MMIC technique as basis, WIN also provides optoelectronic device fabrication services for optical communication and 3D sensing applications.

WIN provides fast and cost-effective foundry services in broad range of applications
from 50MHz to 150GHz.

The technologies including 1μm HBT, 2μm HBT, 0.5μm pHEMT Switch, 0.5μm power pHEMT, 0.25μm power pHEMT, 0.25μm E/D pHEMT, 0.15μm LNA pHEMT, 0.15μm power pHEMT, 0.1μm power pHEMT and BiFET pHEMT are in mass-production now.

1μm HBT is ideal for fiber communication systems. 2μm HBT and 0.5μm pHEMT Switches are ideal for handsets and WLAN applications. 0.1μm, 0.15μm, and 0.25μm pHEMT technologies are ideals for applications from discrete low noise/power FETs, SATCOM, VSAT, base station, automotive radar, and 40Gb/s fiber optic MMICs. 0.5μm pHEMT is ideal for SATCOM, GPS, Cable TV tuner, Electronic toll collection and WLAN.





In addition to the comprehensive Gallium Arsenide and Gallium Nitride technology portfolio, WIN has also developed optoelectronic device production capabilities. Such capabilities enable flexible and large scale manufacturing of semiconductor laser and photodiode products. The manufacturing services include customized epitaxial growth/re-growth, full device fabrication, and device characterization analysis and testing.

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