Enabling 5G Connectivity

GaAs & GaN Technologies for Mobile Devices and 5G Infrastructure

With the evolution of 5G wireless devices and infrastructure, GaAs, HBT, pHEMT and GaN technologies will play a key role in exceeding the diverse performance requirements of this new wireless network. WIN continues to support the road to 5G with a broad portfolio of highly integrated compound semiconductor technologies optimized for key functions, including:

Technology for a Spectrum of 5G Possibilities Image

WIN's technology portfolio covers HBT, GaN HEMT, pHEMT and highly integrated platforms to keep our customers ahead of the competition. Our advanced processes deliver the optimal combination of performance, integration and efficiency for next-generation 5G front-ends, low latency connections and massive MIMO access points. WIN’s technology is the backbone for development and implementation of:

WIN mmWave Front-End Solutions

Advanced GaAs Integration for Single Chip mmWave Front-Ends

0.45µm GaN Power Process for 5G Applications

WIN Semiconductors Enables Single Chip GaAs Solutions For 5G RF Front End Modules