Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy and Operation Status

The Organization and Operation of the CSR Committee

The Company established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in March 2016. The role of the chair is filled by a Director who also serves as a senior executive. The Committee has five CSR promotion teams whose members consist mainly of executives of Centers and Departments as shown in the Figure below. The teams are dedicated to CSR tasks in corporate governance, care for culture and humanity, innovative technology, sustainable environment, and corporate value chain. They are responsible for formulating objectives for and the execution of policies or systems for corporate governance, development of a sustainable environment, and protection of social welfare. The CSR Committee reviews the results of its operations at the end of each year and reports to the Directors. The key points in the report at the end of 2018 included the performance of CSR missions, the plans and material topics for the advancement of the plan this year, and the goals for corporate governance, environmental protection, employee health, and workplace safety for the following year.

Promotion for Corporate Governance

WIN, by establishing the "Corporate Governance Best Practices Principles," promotes a sound corporate governance system, protects shareholders' interest, strengthens the functionality of the Board of Directors, and improves information transparency. WIN has created committees with specific functions, including the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee, which are under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The purpose of which is to establish an effective corporate governance framework and to assist the Board with formulating professional governance proposals.

Otherwise, WIN has appointed corporate governance personnel who also serves as an assistant manager of Legal Affairs Office, and has more than three years of legal business experience in public company. The main duties are providing professional information and assisting the Directors regular compliance on law, making sure the Board of Directors and shareholders' meetings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Promotion for Culture of Integrity

WIN has designated the Human Resource Division as the unit responsible for executing relevant operational procedures and the revision, implementation, interpretation, consultation services, and the filing and archival of notifications of the Company's codes of conduct.

The responsible unit has the following tasks:

  1. Assisting in the incorporation of integrity and ethical values into the Company's business strategies and establishing relevant anti-corruption measures to ensure the integrity of business operations and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Establishing plans and initiatives to guard against unethical conduct, and formulating relevant standard operating procedures for each initiative.
  3. Planning internal organization, framework and duties, and establishing a mutual supervision and balance mechanism for activities within the scope of business that exhibit a higher risk of unethical conduct.
  4. Promoting and coordinating ethical policy awareness training.
  5. Planning the whistle-blowing system to ensure enforcement effectiveness.
  6. Assisting the Board of Directors and senior management in inspection and assessment of the effectiveness of preventive measures and producing regular compliance reports on relevant business processes.

Training on Ethical Management

The Company organizes related courses for new employees each year to educate them on the Company's core value of "integrity and accountability". The Company organized 14 general knowledge and integrity and accountability training courses for new comers in 2018 for 440 attendees. In addition, WIN provided "ethical education" for employees at the end of the year to increase employees' awareness of integrity and accountability. The overall response rate from all employees was 81.3% with a response rate of 96.3% for local employees. 81.9% of employees have participated in related anti-corruption courses in the entire year and they were all based in Taiwan.

Number of attendees and training hours of culture of integrity courses
Issues Promoted or Discussed in the Courses Course Title Recipients Course enrollments Course length (hours) Total training hours
Culture of Integrity Introduction of the integrity culture policy All employees (excluding foreign employees) 2,247 0.25 561.75
Ethical promotion for new employees General Knowledge Course_Day1 Company Profile New employees in 2018 440 0.167 73.48
Total 2,687 0.417 635.23
Proportion of employees that passed anti-corruption courses based on employee categories
Employee category Trainees Total participants (attendances) Employee training percentage
Managers 293 311 94.2%
Professionals 1,051 1,131 92.9%
Technicians 920 1,322 69.6%
Total 2,264 2,764 81.9%
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy