About WIN

Biodiversity and No Deforestation Policy

WIN concerns biodiversity and forest issues. Commitment to pursue zero environmental pollution, maintenance of biodiversity, and forest resources.

WIN is committed:

1. To achieve a net positive impact (NPI) and no net loss (NNL) as our targets, maintain biodiversity and avoid ecological loss during operation.

2. Our operations or new fabs avoid operational activities near sites containing globally or nationally important biodiversity.

3. When our operations are near critical biodiversity, we will apply a mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, restore & offset), and conduct a biodiversity risk assessment regularly.

4. Compliance with forest regulations and mandatory standards with ending all deforestation (no gross deforestation) and compensating with future deforestation (no net deforestation) as our targets.

5. Engage with suppliers, stakeholders, or partners to support biodiversity conservation actions, no deforestation issues, and their commitments.

Biodiversity and No Deforestation Policy