Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Talent Cultivation and Development

Employee Education and Training

In response to the rapid advancements in semiconductor technology, and to ensure that the career development of our employees and managerial officers is in line with the company's business goals, the Company has included employees' development in its human resource management strategy.

A training roadmap for professional and managerial competencies is designed on the basis of the company's mid-to-long-term business strategy and WIN's core values, using multiple training methods, such as classroom training courses, after-class online revision exercises, face-to-face demonstrations, and coaching, to promote different types of training and development programs.

WIN's talent cultivation is divided into three contexts, formulating professional training roadmaps based on the department in which employees belong, the expertise and familiarity required of a job, and the employee's job position. Additionally, the Company plans and organizes all types of professional training courses to help employees adapt and learn the skills they need at work.

1. Specialized role: Cultivate employees who wish to refine their knowledge and skills to become an expert in certain fields;

2. Managerial role: Cultivate leadership in management of different levels, including basic level, mid level, and high level managers.

3. Project-based role: Generally involve project managers or customer project managers with a background in technological R&D.

We provide diverse opportunities and channels for continuing education, such as establishing industry–academia cooperation for on-the-job training, oversea professional advancement training, and internal training programs, which include the follow: compulsory courses for all levels of management, internal courses for advancement of job competency, language courses, and external professional courses. Thus, employees are provided with extensive range of training resources. The Training & Development team under the Human Resource Division is responsible for planning and promoting various learning programs and talent development projects. The CEO appoints executive managers with extensive experience in management to establish a Human Resource Development Committee, which assists with the promotion of key human resource development projects and the evaluation of project progress and outcomes. The following projects have been established through the Committee:


Helping new employees understand the history of WIN, its current advantages, and future challenges. Department functions and experiences are introduced to help new employees understand WIN's culture and core values of Integrity and Accountability, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality Foremost, which enable them to quickly adapt to the work environment.

General knowledge training

Based on government regulations and company policies, general knowledge training courses for all levels in the company have been arranged, including environmental safety and health, emergency response training, quality management, and workplace ethics.

Enhancing individual job performance

Self-management general knowledge courses that are available to all employees were provided to help employees improve their job performance.

Training for direct employees involved in production

This training program aids technicians who are involved in production to learn job-related skills and knowledge. The program combines certification mechanism so that employees can obtain permit to operate machineries.

Management skills and development

The Company offers compulsory training courses for all levels of management to strengthen the enhancement and refinement of managers' managerial abilities. These courses include topics for newly promoted and basic-level managers, performance interview, interview skills, coaching skills, regulatory notices for managerial officers, talent retention, and strategy establishment.

Industry-academia collaboration

In-service training is provided at flexible work hours to support employees' continuing education.

Internal training for all business division

Learning programs and regular in-service certification programs are customized based on the actual needs of each department.

WIN continues to promote its core values of Accountability and Innovation through different training courses and incentive measures

Including accountability courses for new employees, lectures for raising employees' accountability awareness, and lecturer training. These efforts facilitate implementing the spirit of accountability and encourage concrete actions within the departments. Furthermore, WIN has established incentive mechanisms such as monthly accountability rewards and yearly accountability awards. To promote and shape a culture of innovation within the organization and among all employees, the Company encourages continuous innovative thinking and actions in the workplace. In addition, WIN organizes innovative thinking training courses, and offers monetary rewards to R&D personnel with successful patent applications and to basic assistant engineers who made outstanding proposals. WIN continues to hold annual innovation competitions, appointing committee members to evaluate the works submitted by participating teams. Outcome exhibitions and trophies and monetary awards for outstanding teamwork and innovative works are given as rewards for winning teams.

Language training

Optional English courses for all employees are arranged to help them improve their English proficiency. English simulation tests are provided for employees to determine their English level and devise self-learning plans. Online English courses are offered to help employees who need to communicate in English at work to advance their business vocabularies. Employees with specific job requirements are tutored in small groups on English or Japanese.

Lifestyle talks

The Company has setup talks by experts in health, parent-child relations, gender relations, traveling, and lifestyle-related topics, injecting positive energy among employees to encourage them to find a balance between their body and mind outside of work.

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