Environment Sustainability

Water Resource Management

WIN accesses water from tap water, irrigation water, and well water. The tap water and irrigation water is sourced from catchment area of Shihmen Reservoir and supplied by the water plant (tap water) and Nanya Technology Water Purification Plant. Well water is used as emergency backup in the event of drought or water shortage caused by irregular operations of water plants.

WIN has continuously implemented various water conservation plans since 2010 and gradually improved overall water recycling rate (as shown in Table 3-10). The recycled water volume in 2017 was 94,262 tons/year (recycling rate of 11.56%). The cumulative reclaimed water volume in 2018 increased to 121,637 tons/year and the water recycling volume increased by 29.04% from 2017.

Past water conservation projects and results

Corporate Social Responsibility Polic