Employee Care and Social Welfare

Diverse Welfare Measures for Employees


In addition to providing competitive salaries, WIN also offers a variety of bonuses and prizes as incentives, as well as employee stock ownership trusts, in the hope that the Company will grow and enjoy profits with our employees and that together we will create a brighter future. The items are as follows:

Item Specific measures
Remuneration of employees To express our gratitude for employees' contribution to the Company, WIN shares its business outcomes and appropriates parts of annual earnings as employee remuneration to thank them for their contributions in the previous year. Employee bonus is directly related to the Company's business performance, teamwork, and individual performance
Quarterly bonus Quarterly bonuses are given based on business conditions
Retention bonus Direct employees receive NT$15,000 in retention bonus if they stay in the Company after one year (collected each year)
Bonus as recognition of skill The bonus as recognition of skill is distributed after they are recognized by the Company
Diverse incentive bonuses/gifts Bonus/gifts for proposals, accountability, innovation, and instant rewards
Shareholding trust WIN's employees have independently established an Employee Stock Ownership Trust. To facilitate employees' financial planning and share its business outcomes, WIN provides corresponding monetary rewards to employees who voluntarily participate in saving a certain amount of money

More Benefit Measures for Full-Time Employees

  1. Complete insurance system and retirement plan: In addition to providing statuary Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance coverage and setting up the labor pension account, WIN appropriates the equivalent of 6% of employees' monthly salary as pension. The years of service of employees before July 1, 2005 are retained and they are provided with full and high-premium comprehensive group insurance including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance to improve employees' overall life and security.
  2. Leave policies superior to statutory requirements: Once new employees pass a review after three months' service, they may enjoy 4 days of [new hire leave] (superior to provisions in the Labor Standards Act) + 3 days of statuary special leave.
  3. The Company provides free regular health examinations for employees, clinic services provided by professional doctors in the Company, and various employee health promotion knowledge promotion and events.
  4. Employee meal subsidies, dormitory, and shuttle bus.
  5. Distribution of birthday gift money, Labor Day gift money, and Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Chinese New Year shopping gift money, year-end party lucky draw, and employee party funding subsidies.
  6. Employee marriage, funeral, hospitalization, and childbirth subsidies as well as relief funds based on employees' urgent needs. Based on statistics, we provided employees with a total of NT$4.5735 million in subsidies from 2016 to 2018. We use actions to express the Company's care for employees.
  7. WIN app: The training unit developed the "WIN" app to help employees learn. The contents include English learning sections, accountability learning sections, and a lot of useful and updated information for WIN employees to obtain the latest information.

Pension Fund Appropriation Status

Retirement Plan Appropriation Status 2018 Results
Appropriated in accordance with the Labor Standards Act Pension is calculated based on the employee's years of service and the average salary in the six months prior to retirement. The Company contributes pension reserve equivalent to 2% of the employees' salary each month to a special account in Bank of Taiwan. The Company commissions professional actuaries to calculate pension reserve funds to ensure that full coverage of pension is reserved. As of December 31, 2018, the fair value of plan assets was NT$42,653 thousand. Future amounts of pensions that need to be paid as required by law have been included in the pension liability. The balance as at the end of 2018 was NT$98,466 thousand.
Appropriation based on the Labor Pension Act The Company appropriates pension funds equivalent to 6% of the employee's salary to the dedicated personal pension account of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The number of years worked by employees hired before July 1, 2005 shall be reserved. The amount of pension expenses in 2018 totaled NT$91,638 thousand.
Corporate Social Responsibility Polic