WIN Semiconductors was invited to participate in the 2020 Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association(TSIA) IC Design Forum

WIN Semiconductors was invited to participate in the 2020 TSIA IC Design Forum- The Outlook of Third Generation Semiconductor Materials Realizes Next-Generation Communication RF Components on 2020/11/06. Chuck Huang, Senior Associate VP of WIN Semiconductors, was the keynote speaker. Chuck’s speech started from the evolvement of human life driven by technologies, and elaborated the evolution of semiconductor technologies and the characteristics of each generation. In this speech, Chuck has explained that different generation of semiconductors has its own characteristics, advantages, market applications, and the technologies wouldn’t replace each other for applications.
Based on the long-term accumulation of manufacturing and R&D capabilities in wireless communications, WIN focus on the technologies development of radio frequency (RF) related applications in the third generation of semiconductors. At present, WIN Semiconductors has released completed solutions of RF applications for the GaN (Gallium nitride), and proposed the corresponding process solutions for different frequency and power applications.
WIN’s NP45 technology is based on a 0.45μm gate length process on GaN on SiC substrates. NP45 operates at a 50V bias and provides superior power performance in the higher bands used in 4G macro-cell, and 5G MIMO base stations. WIN’s NP25 technology is 0.25μm gate length on GaN on SiC substrates, it is well suited for radar, satellite communication related applications at 28V operation voltage, 10GHz operation frequency. WIN’s NP15 technology is 0.15μm gate length on GaN on SiC substrates, it is well suited to operate at 20V operation voltage for 5G mmWave Massive MIMO base station, satellite communications and radar applications.
WIN Semiconductors is one of the few semiconductor foundry service companies in the world that can offer the technology and manufactured capability for third-generation semiconductor production. Looking forward to the future, WIN Semiconductors will continue to dedicate to compound semiconductor applications and devote to become one of the driver for the evolution of future life.