WIN Semiconductors Announces the Release of a Next Generation 0.25um Enhancement/Depletion Mode pHEMT Technology Platform

WIN Semiconductors Announces the Release of a Next Generation 0.25μm Enhancement/Depletion Mode PHEMT Technology Platform

The PD25-00 technology provides WIN’s customers with a ultra-low noise figure and high gain enhancement mode pHEMT combined with a high linearity, compact depletion mode device for high performance smartphone, WiFi and base station products

Adding to its broad GaAs IC technology portfolio, WIN Semiconductors Inc (GRETAI: 3105), has released the next generation of its highly successful Enhancement/Depletion (ED) Mode pHEMT family. This advanced pHEMT technology platform, named PD25, integrates an ultra-low noise figure 0.25m E-mode transistor with WIN’s high linearity 0.5m D-mode device, which has been optimized for demanding control device applications. The 0.25m E-mode transistor has been significantly improved and provides a low Fmin of ~0.3dB at 3GHz with associated gain over 21dB and is ideal for multiple LNA products required for smartphones, tablets and infrastructure applications. This highly competitive E-mode noise performance is married with WIN’s most advanced 0.5μm D-mode switch pHEMT, providing low on-resistance (1.3Ω-mm), low Coff (165 fF/mm), sub 100 ns switching speed in an ultra-compact transistor layout. PD25 leverages the production qualified manufacturing approach used in prior generations of WIN’s E/D technologies and provides optional stacked capacitors, precision thin film resistors and through-the substrate via-holes for low inductance grounding.

The technology is ideally suited for a wide range of amplifier products for consumer, infrastructure and defence applications. Process Design Kits will be provided for Agilent’s ADS and AWR’s Microwave Office, and active device samples are available now. Please contact your local WIN Sales representative for more information.

About WINs Semiconductors,Inc.
WIN Semiconductors Corporation is the leading global provider of pure-play GaAs wafer foundry services for the wireless, infrastructure and networking markets. WIN provides its foundry partners with a diverse portfolio of Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor and Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor and BiHEMT process platforms that support leading edge products for applications from 50 MHz to 100 GHz. Custom products built by WIN Semiconductors Corporation are found in in a vast array of markets, including smartphone, mobile infrastructure, optical communications, CATV and automotive applications.

For more than 11 years, WIN has provided foundry services from its state of the art, ISO9001/14001 certified 150mm GaAs facility headquartered in Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan. This multi-site manufacturing facility has more than 1400 employees and provides WIN customers with a diverse array of device technology platforms and value added services, including DC/RF product testing, Cu wafer bumping and turn-key package solutions for accelerated product development.

Joe Tsen
WIN Semiconductors Corporation