WIN Semiconductors Releases Its Next Generation 0.15μm Power PHEMT Technology Platform

The PP15-50/51 technologies provide WIN’s customers with industry leading power performance and high reliability 6V operation


Extending its lead in GaAs PHEMT technology, WIN Semiconductors, Inc. has released a next generation 0.15μm PHEMT process, named PP15-50/PP15-51, for high frequency power products operating at up to 6V.  The PP15-50 and PP15-51 technologies leverage an optimized device structure and a proven 150mm manufacturing process to provide state of the art performance through 40GHz.  The process is an extension to WIN’s highly successful PP15 technology platform, and demonstrates excellent device level performance with ft over 80 GHz, power density of 850 mW/mm at 29GHz, with more than 10dB gain and 50% power added efficiency. The process is designed to operate at 6V drain bias, and exhibits typical breakdown voltages of 16V, with a process minimum of 14V, and provides substantial operating margin for ultra-high product reliability. The technology is ideally suited for a range products including saturated and linear amplifiers for the point to point market, radar, instrumentation, EW and optical driver applications.  Furthermore this platform is available on 50um (PP15-50) and 100um (PP15-51) substrate thicknesses, with optional BCB scratch protection.


Process Design Kits for Agilent’s ADS and AWR’s Microwave Office will be on WIN website, and active device samples are available now. Please contact your local WIN Sales representative for more information.