Investor Relations

Presentation at Conference

Daiwa Taiwan Corporate Day Tokyo 2016
Date 2016/12/08-2016/12/09
Place Japan
TPEX Investor Conference
Date 2016/11/18
Place Taipei
J.P. Morgan Global TMT Conference
Date 2016/11/14-2016/11/15
Place Hong Kong
23rd CLSA Investors' Forum – 2016
Date 2016/09/20-2016/09/21
Place Hong Kong
17th Annual Asian Technology Conference held by Credit Suisse
Date 2016/09/08-2016/09/09
Place Taipei
Daiwa Investor Conference 2016
Date 2016/05/31-2016/06/03
Place USA
TPEX Investor Conference
Date 2016/05/30
Place Taipei
Taiwan Investor Forum 2016 held by Citi Bank
Date 2016/05/10-2016/05/12
Place Hong Kong & Singapore
2016 Asia Pacific TMT Conference held by Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Date 2016/03/14-2016/03/15
Place Taipei
2016 Great China Technology and Internet Conference held by Credit Suisse
Date 2016/01/06
Place Hong Kong