Taipei Medical University Conferred Honorary Doctor of Medicine to Chin-tsai Chen, Chairman of WIN Semiconductors Corp.

On April 11, 2023, Taipei Medical University conferred an honorary doctor of medicine, the most prestigious degree of the university, to Chin-tsai Chen, Chairman of WIN Semiconductors. WIN Semiconductors (“WIN”) is the world’s largest compound semiconductor foundry, boasting a market share of 70% of the gallium arsenide OEM industry.
With advanced technologies that connect Taiwan to the world, WIN successfully entered the international tier-1customer market. Moreover, by using its rich experience in wafer manufacturing, WIN leads the development of global wireless communication, which is widely applied in fields such as 5G transmission, AIoT smart Internet of Things, and telehealth; and drives the development of new generation optoelectronic technologies, becoming one of the benchmarks 5G companies and ranking among the top 5% of OTC companies in corporate governance for eight consecutive years.
Previously serving as the general manager and chairman of Namchow Group, Chairman Chen had worked in the finance/accounting field and traditional industries before venturing into hi-tech sector. In 2003, he became the chairman of WIN, actively leading it to move forward. After two decades of hard work, WIN successfully positioned itself as a leader in the compound semiconductor industry. Chairman Chen is also the chairman of ITEQ Corporation, a world leading supplier of high-speed copper foil substrates, and was the vice chairman of HIWIN Technology, a leading company in Industry 4.0. Chairman Chen is devoted to the development of the biotechnology industry and is also the chairman of Phalanx Biotech, a chip manufacturer and the only manufacturer in Asia that independently develops its high-density genetic testing platform. Phalanx Biotech offers a wide range of cancer, genetics, and reproductive medicine testing-related services, contributing to the fields of human preventive healthcare and precision medicine.
Chairman Chen is committed to sustainable company operations, energy conservation, carbon removal, and waste reduction and innovation. Accordingly, since 2017, WIN has comprehensively reviewed its operations to meet the sustainable development goals established by the United Nations, fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by caring for the society, training talented employees, and protecting the environment. WIN founded i-Fare, established social welfare resource platforms, offered long-term support for anti-drug education, and actively participated in social welfare projects such as accompanying children studying in remote areas. For many years, WIN has established industry–university cooperation mechanisms with top domestic universities to cultivate talented students venturing into Taiwan’s compound semiconductor industry. Additionally, WIN uses high-efficiency technologies to produce more energy-efficient, energy-saving products as well as diminish the negative impact of the manufacturing process on the environment. WIN has won the TCSA Sustainability Report Gold Award and Platinum Award for three consecutive years since 2020. In addition, Chairman Chen was awarded the 17th Compassion Award by the HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund in 2022.
Chairman Chen’s outstanding leadership, care for the public, dedication to the biotech industry, and enthusiasm are a model for young students to emulate.