Dennis Chen, Chairman of WIN Semiconductors Corp., won the 2022 Compassion Award

The result of the Compassion Award of Y2022 was released. The reviewers voted for 8 winners from the 15 finalists. Among them, Chairman and President of WIN Semiconductors Corp. and the founder of I-Fare Social Welfare Charity Foundation, Mr. Dennis Chen, won the 2022 Compassion Award for his long-term positive contribution to the society, caring for the disadvantaged through public welfare and resource transfer.

Mr. Dennis Chen said "caring for society, cultivating talents and environmental protection are three major axes of his public welfare activities. WIN Semiconductors, where I serve as the chairman, attaches great importance to sustainability, and is committed to energy saving, carbon reduction and waste reduction. Since 2017, we have reviewed and echoed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and actively contributed to society while pursuing corporate growth.” During his tenure as the executive director of the Chinese National Federation of Industries, Mr. Chen made many suggestions, and his dedication to the society was highly recognized by the public, which can be regarded as an example for philanthropists and entrepreneurs on both sides of the strait.
The organizer of the Compassion Award stated the innovative thinking, outstanding leadership and persistent love demonstrated by the winners in their charity programs can be regarded as a model. The 2022 Compassion Award will be granted in mid-December.