WIN Ranked the Top 5% Corporate Governance Evaluation among TPEx-listed Companies and for Eight Consecutive Years and Top 11%~20% among Listed Electronics Companies with Market Value of 10 Billion or More

The outcome of 2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation held by Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) and Taipei Exchange (“TPEx”) was announced on April 28, 2022, in which 913 TWSE- and 726 TPEx-listed companies, totaling 1,639 participated. There were 10 companies, including WIN Semiconductors Corp. (WIN), ranked top 5% among TPEx-listed companies in corporate governance evaluation for 8 consecutive years (from 2014 to 2021). WIN outperformed peers in “Protecting Shareholder, Rights and Interests and Treating Shareholders Equitably”, “Enhancing Board Composition and Operation”, “Increasing Information Transparency”, and “Putting Corporate Social Responsibility into Practice”, thus, won the honor again with excellent results.

We strive to achieve continuous innovation in technology to maintain competitiveness. Continuous improvement of the return on equity and implementation of corporate governance are our responsibilities and the foundation for sustainable development. It is encouraging for WIN to gain recognition for our efforts in corporate governance and sustainability while also delivering decent operational performance.

The Corporate Governance Evaluation results are available on the Corporate Governance Center website(http://cgc.twse.com.tw/evaluationCorp/listCh)and the Securities and Futures Institute website(http://www.sfi.org.tw/cga/cga1),with links to the Market Observation Post System (http://mops.twse.com.tw/mops/web/index)for convenient access by investors.