WIN got the 2021 14th TCSA "Sustainability Report- Platinum Award"

WIN Semiconductors has participated in the assessment of TCSA Sustainability Reports since 2020, and has been upgraded from the "Gold Award" to the "Platinum Award", affirming our performance of the responded to stakeholders’ concerns and disclosures in the report. WIN is dedicated to making self-improvement and transparently disclosing in ESG practice.
On the environmental aspect, the TCFD framework is introduced, climate-related risks and opportunities are actively evaluated, and a number of energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures are taken by WIN to reduce the impact on the environment. On the social aspect, we implement the retention and cultivation of talents, and encourage employees to get married, have children and raise children in peace of mind. We provided employees with monthly parental subsidies of up to NT$5,000 for each child under the age of 7 starting on January, 2021.
In order to nurture talents in the semiconductor industry, we cooperated with Tamkang University, Longhua University of Science and Technology and National Taiwan University, and established in November 2011 a joint technology innovation center with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University to conduct industry-academia collaboration and technology research and development.
On the governance aspect, we continue to improve information transparency, and ranked top 5% among TPEx-listed companies in corporate governance evaluation for 7 consecutive years and got the honor of being ranked top 10% among electronics corporations with a market value exceeding NT$10 billion or more for 2 consecutive years.
WIN Semiconductors upholds the spirit of sustainable management, and actively plans the blueprint for sustainable governance with the four main aspects of "Sustainable Governance, Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Product and Customer Management, and Inclusive Workplace and Social Welfare." In addition to responding to stakeholders’ concerns through the sustainability report, we will also keep reviewing and enhancing ESG actions.
Left: President of the Legislative Yuan, Si-Kun, You. Right: WIN Semiconductors chairman of ESG Committee and General Manager of CA, Steve Chen.