Nurturing compound semiconductor talents --- WIN Semiconductors and NYCU established a joint technology innovation center

Under geopolitics, Taiwan plays a key role in the global semiconductor supply chain, and is becoming increasingly important. How to strengthen the existing competitive edge in the arena is the goal of joint efforts of industry, government, and academia. Recently, a consensus has emerged in all recommendations made to the government, that is, talents are the most critical, but the scarcest resource in Taiwan among all the elements.
WIN Semiconductors Corp. (WIN) and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) held on today November 18th the opening ceremony, and entered into a cooperation agreement for establishment of the NYCU-WIN Joint Technology Innovation Center in NYCU Hsinchu campus. The opening ceremony was represented by Dennis Chen, Chairman of WIN and Dr. Chi Hung Lin. President of NYCU has accumulated solid R&D achievements, technologies and talents in the field of compound semiconductors, while WIN Semiconductors is the world's largest compound semiconductor foundry with excellent R&D team and advanced wafer processing technologies.

In the future, the parties will combine their advantages and resources to form a first-tier R&D team, focusing on development of compound semiconductor materials and devices related to wireless communication and optoelectronic application, and most importantly, fostering of future top-notch talents desperately needed by the industry.

Presently, WIN and NYCU have already started a couple of collaborative R&D projects. The research and development results of these projects will be brought into B5G (post 5G), 6G, next-generation ultra-high frequency (THz) communication and optical sensing components to meet demands ranging from mobile phones, autonomous cars, data centers to satellite communication, in the hope of supporting Taiwan's compound semiconductor supply chain to establish an irreplaceable market position in the world.