WIN got the 2020 "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award" and SGS "2020 CSR Awards"

WIN Semiconductors participated in the assessment of corporate sustainability report for the first time and won the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award "Corporate Sustainability Report Category-Gold Award" and SGS CSR Awards "Organization Governance Excellence Award", affirming our performance of the implementation of ESG (Environment, Society and Governance).
WIN sets performance objectives in ESG every year, continuing to promote energy-conservation and carbon-reduction programs, water conservation projects and the "zero safety violations and zero health risks" policy, holding health seminars, weight loss contest and WIN Family Day, with donations and contributions to the society by employee volunteering. In addition, we formulate the "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles" to establish a corporate governance system, protect rights and interests of shareholders, strengthen functions of the board of directors, and enhance information transparency.
WIN upholds the spirit of sustainable management, and actively plans the blueprint for sustainable governance through the four aspects of "sustainable governance, green manufacturing, sustainable product and customer management, and inclusive workplace and social welfare", and links to the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", integrating sustainability strategies into corporate management concepts. In the future, WIN will be dedicated to making self-improvement and transparently disclosing practice of corporate sustainability and social responsibility to stakeholders.

SGS「2020 CSR Awards」