Prof. Tien-Chang Lu Shared Insights of VCSEL Technology and Applications with WIN Colleagues

With the aim of enhancing employees’ professional competency, Dr. Yu-Chi Wang, Vice Chairman of the Board of WIN Semiconductors Corp, invited Dean of the Department of Photonics of National Chiao Tung University, Professor Tien-Chang Lu, to deliver a lecture of principles and applications of VCSELs.
The Department of Photonics is widely acknowledged as the first institute of its kind in Taiwan. It has cultivated a sufficiently deep pool of technologically savvy graduates contributing their talents to a variety of fields such as laser physics, nano photonics, fiber-optic communication, energy photonics, image display technology, biophotonics and so forth. With experiences on inter-disciplinary Photonic Sciences, Professor Lu specializes in GaN, VCSELs, Surface plasmon polariton, nanolasers, microcavity polariton lasers, GaN-based LEDs, photonic crystal surface emitting lasers, and perovskite lasers.
Within the 9-hour course, Professor Lu shed light on the operating principles of VCSELs, with the rich and lively exchange of ideas and feedback during discussion section. After class, several engineers mentioned that the lecture inspired them to figure out more approaches to develop reliable testing and analysis, and how to deal with the difficulties when epi is processed. Our employees are strongly encouraged to attend the courses to be offered by the company, and we guarantee that the following lectures will continuously be profession-oriented and diverse.