WIN Semi joined the semiconductor industry cluster of Southern Taiwan Science Park

WIN Semi’s application to invest in setting up an establishment in the Southern Taiwan Science Park located in Kaohsiung was approved by the 64th meeting of the Science Park Review Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology in August. WIN Semi has now officially joined the semiconductor industry cluster of Southern Taiwan Science Park and it will be another production base for WIN Semi in the future.

Founded 20 years ago, WIN Semi has continuously invested in the innovation of advanced technologies for compound semiconductor and expanded manufacturing capacity, allowing us to become the largest compound semiconductors foundry globally. As of 3Q20, WIN’s total capacity in Taoyuan, including Fab A, Fab B and Fab C, will reach 41,000 wafers per month. Looking ahead, WIN Semi continues to be optimistic about the demand for 5G and Wi-Fi related handheld devices and infrastructure (e.g. base stations). We also believe that applications of optical devices will increase in popularity over time. As a result, WIN Semi will continue to invest in capacity expenditure and deepen the development of technologies to serve customers globally.

Establishing this additional fab in Kaohsiung can help mitigate the risk of concentrating all of our capacity expansion in Northern Taiwan, and improve the stability of supply to our customers. This investment also helps us to enhance our competitiveness and maintain our leadership in the industry, supporting Taiwan as a key player in the next generation of information technology.