WIN Ranked the Top 5% Corporate Governance Evaluation among TPEx-listed Companies and for Six Consecutive Years and Top 10% among Listed Electronics Companies with Market Value of 10 Billion or More

The Financial Supervisory Commission published the "Corporate Governance Roadmap (2018-2020) in April 2018." The Corporate Governance Evaluation is one of the major action plans to assist investors and companies in understanding the effectiveness of corporate governance through the corporate governance evaluation system. Gradually introducing qualitative corporate governance evaluation indicators and facilitating performance by using a refined scoring system.

The 2019 Corporate Governance Evaluation results were announced on April 30, 2020. Among 1,600 listed companies being assessed for 2019, WIN ranked 5% among TPEx-listed companies in corporate governance evaluation for six consecutive years (from 2014 to 2019).

For 2019 Corporate Governance Evaluation, industry differentiation and market value was also taken into account and as a result, a separate evaluation was conducted based on market value and lines of industry. Corporations were grouped by three categories, that is, financial business, electronics with a market value of NT$10 billion or more, and non-finance and non-electronics for scoring. WIN, as well as other 17 peers, got the honor of being ranked top 10% among electronics corporations with a market value exceeding NT$10 billion or more.
The results of the Corporate Governance Evaluation can be found on the following websites:
TWSE Corporate Governance Center (https://cgc.twse.com.tw/frontEN/index );
Taipei Exchange (https://www.tpex.org.tw/web/regular_emerging/governance/corporate_governance_09.php?l=en-us );