WIN Volunteers Lead Children in Experiencing the Fun of Science on Campus

WIN Semiconductors organized chemical courses and events with Tamkang University for consecutive two years to share chemical knowledge to schools in Taiwan that lack resources through a mobile chemical vehicle, enabling students to learn science hidden inside their textbooks.
As a graduate of Tamkang University, Chairman Dennis Chen encourages employees to embody corporate philosophy of respecting life and caring for disadvantaged people. In this year's mobile chemical vehicle school tour across Taiwan, WIN Semiconductors adhered to the idea of giving back comuunity and called for a total of 23 volunteers as lab assistants to lead middle school, high school, and elementary school students of Fuyuan Elementary School in Taoyuan City (4/23), Jian-Shan Junior High School in New Taipei City (5/31), and Shiding High School in New Taipei City (10/23) to enjoy the fun of experiments.

Dr. Gao from the Center for Science Education of Tamkang University skillfully linked the content of comics to the knowledge of chemistry, which aroused the children's interest in learning.

This year coincides with the International Year of the Periodic Table of Elements of the United Nations. The sharing of popular science of each batch begins with popular comics in the morning. Content of the comics is cleverly connected with the periodic table of elements to instantly narrow the distance between students and chemistry. The afternoon session opens with the popular chemical magic show. Special scenarios and vivid interactions are incorporated in the magical and interesting experiments to lead students into the exciting world of chemical experiments.

WIN volunteers received pre-course training from the Center for Science Education of Tamkang University before serving as a gatekeeper or lab assistant.

Then, the students are placed into groups for the chemical experiment challenges. During the process, WIN volunteers played the role of commentary gatekeeper or lab assistant to help students to complete the experiment. Each student completed three interesting chemical phenomena that are common in daily life. The content is closely integrated with the natural science field of the current curriculum. Through hands-on experience, students enjoyed the fun of chemical experiments, changing the students’ perception of physics and chemistry as rigid and boring.

WIN volunteers combine their professional backgrounds with simple explanations, hoping to arouse students' enthusiasm for science and interest in learning.

During the activities, WIN volunteers quitely experienced “chemical changes", and the distance between volunteers and students closed. Some volunteers shared, "Seeing the children have fun while learning gives me a great sense of accomplishment"; "In addition to learning about chemistry through volunteering, the process of interacting with children is also very interesting." Moreover, one volunteers said, "Thank you for sponsoring of such a meaningful event. Although I’m very busy with work, it's very fulfilling to take a break and do something more meaningful! I highly recommend that my colleagues volunteer in the future”.
WIN Semiconductors hopes to develop talent for chemistry and open up opportunities for exploring of related sectors through the continued partnership with Tamkang University. In the future, WIN will continue to pay attention to local issues and adhere to the spirit of "take from society and give back to society" while pursuing the growth of the company's operations. WIN, as well as our kind-hearted employees, will also keep contributing to the society and work toward a better society.