WIN Innovation-Service-Efficiency Awards The number of participants reached a record high, elites gathered to show their creativity

WIN Semiconductors holds the Innovation-Service-Efficiency Awards each year to encourage employees to utilize creativity to enhance the company's innovation momentum. The results of the seventh competition were announced this week. A total of 358 employees submitted 101 proposals and bonuses and gifts totaling more than a million in value will be issued to encourage employees to keep innovating and challenging themselves.
The Innovation-Service-Efficiency Awards is an important annual event for WIN. All WIN employees may submit proposals with initial execution results. Finalists share their proposals in the form of an intracompany science exposition, at which, Chairman Dennis Chen and all senior executives will listen to the briefings of all teams and exchange innovative technologies with the finalists on site. The committee will choose among the proposals the awards, which will be granted by Dr. Yu-Chi Wang, the Vice Chairman, personally at the year-end party to encourage the outstanding results.
The theme of this year's proposals focuses on 5G applications, new generation optoelectronic components, smart manufacturing, and energy conservation and carbon reduction projects, which are consistent with the company's business plan and development goals, showing colleagues' recognition of the company's future development direction. Moreover, the number of participants and submissions reached a record high this year (2019). Of which, those participating in the competition for the first time accounted for nearly 50% of the total, revealing the innovation DNA deeply rooted in the hearts of WIN employees.
WIN is well aware that technology is the company's competitive advantage and innovation is an important key that drives technology development. In the future, WIN will continue to shape the atmosphere of innovation in work environment to encourage unceasing innovation and improvement of all members of the company.