Development of Semi-Insulated Silicon Carbide(S.I.-SiC) Wafer and Gallium Nitride Technology for New Generation RF Communication Application

Since Aug. 2016, WIN Semiconductors Corp. and Globalwafers.Co.,Ltd have participated in “A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program” promoted by the Department of Industrial Technology(DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA), and has conducted “Development of Semi-Insulating Silicon Carbide(S.I.-SiC) Wafer and Gallium Nitride Technology for New Generation RF Communication Applications”.
In order to respond to future 5G base station, millimeter wave, radar and satellite communication applications, the three-year project is focus on the development of high power GaN technology for RF applications.
In 2019, it completed the first 100% domestic self-made semi-insulating silicon carbide (S.I.-SiC) substrate, gallium nitride (GaN) epitaxial development, frontend GaN process development including gate length of 0.45μm, 0.25μm, 0.15μm, field-plate design and air-bridge inter-connection, backend process including SiC grinding, SiC through source VIA etch and Au electro-plating. The in-house capabilities of high voltage reliability test, high power RF measurement and device model have also been established. There’s a MMIC design and simulation based on 0.25μm technology has been demonstrated with outstanding performance for both sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave 5G base station as well as radar and satellite communication applications.
In addition, a major breakthrough to establish a sound end-to-end domestic supply chain has been realized through the execution of this development project supported by DoIT, MOEA. It has not only provide domestically-owned key component technologies for 5G base station, but also supply the domestic terminal industry Internet of Things(IoT), cloud service system operators, portable 3C products, and cultivate domestic technical talents, promote the willingness of foreign manufacturers to invest in Taiwan and international cooperation, and connect with the global industrial supply chain.