WIN Semiconductors Corp. Family Day: A Day of Music and Fun

WIN Semiconductors Corp. celebrated its 20-year anniversary by organizing “Family Day” at West Lake Resortopia on May the 4th, inviting approximately 2,000 employees and their family members to stroll in the Tung Tree flower blossom in Sanyi while enjoying music performance.
Mr. Chin-Tsai Chen, Chairman of WIN Semiconductors Corp., expressed his gratitude towards the supports of the employees throughout the 20 years. Since its founding in 1999, WIN Semiconductors Corp. core teams such as R&D and manufacturing process have been working seamlessly. Moreover, all the employees demonstrated the company value of “Accountability” to make WIN Semiconductors Corp. the biggest fabrication service company for compound semiconductor wafer. Chairman Chen also thanked the spouses and family members for their supports behind the employees so that they could fully commit to their works.
Music was the theme of the 20-year Anniversary Family Day, which included 3 mega music performances, 7 music workshops, 35 exotic food stands, 10 family member competitions and 2 street artist performances, to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

In addition, WIN Semiconductors Corp. also took the opportunity to take its corporate social responsibility after hearing the graduating students in the nearby Fuyuan Elementary School having trouble to get their yearbook in print due to lacking of funding. Thus, WIN Semiconductors Corp. began an internal fundraiser and topped the expected goal within 6 days. Chairman Chen took occasion and presented the graduate representative the yearbook on behalf of the company, inviting 41 teachers and students of Fuyuan to enjoy the Family Day.
Employees of WIN Semiconductors Corp. all shared their excitement of participating its 20-year Anniversary Family Day, and they felt closer with kids by participating in the activities together. The employees’ spouses also felt proud and warm when hearing WIN Semiconductors Corp. reached out by donating to the needed children.
In the future, WIN Semiconductors Corp. would continue to uphold its CSR value, actively indulging in the neighboring issues and creating a better society.

Illustration: Chairman Chin-Tsai Chen presented the yearbook, which concludes precious memories in elementary school along with the best wishes from WIN Semiconductors Corp., to the graduating students of Fuyuan Elementary School