WIN Semiconductors Accredited the Certification of “AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management System”

After planning, preparation and efforts for over one year, WIN Semiconductors was accredited the strict AS9100 Aerospace Standard certification audited by AFNOR/BellCERT International Inspection and Certification Group and successfully obtained the “AS9100 Aerospace Industrial Quality Management System” certificate in January, 2018. “AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management System” is a stringent quality management requirement covering aviation and space related areas. Through success of the certification, WIN Semiconductors not only demonstrates to customers that it is an outstanding and a trustworthy partner, but also officially enters the aviation and aerospace industry. This is a historical record created by all members of WIN Semiconductors. Based on this accomplishment, WIN Semiconductors will keep abreast of the aviation industry development trend, explore new markets, and extraordinarily enhance its global competitive edge.