WIN Got the Top 5% in Y2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation on TPEx-listed Companies

WIN Semiconductors was bestowed with the highest grade in the Corporate Governance on TPEx-listed companies of Taiwan again, becoming the top 5% companies selected out among TPEx-listed companies for the year of 2017.
The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) released the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation results on April 30, 2018. A total of 1,536 listed companies were assessed. These companies were evaluated from five aspects, i.e., shareholder rights, equitable treatment of shareholders, structure and operation of the board of directors, information disclosure and protection of stakeholder interest and corporate social responsibility.
The results of the fourth round of Corporate Governance Evaluation can be found on Corporate Governance Center website (http://cgc.twse.com.tw/evaluationCorp/listCh), the SFI website under the Corporate Governance Evaluation (http://www.sfi.org.tw/finance/finance1/finance1_1)and the TWSE’s Market Observation Post System (http://mops.twse.com.tw/mops/web/index).