WIN Garners the Top 5% Listed Companies in the 1st Corporate Governance Assessment on Listed Companies

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) released the first Corporate Governance Assessment outcomes on April 30, 2015. WIN was bestowed with the highest grade in the Corporate Governance on listed companies of Taiwan, becoming the top 5% listed companies selected out among TWSE-listed and TPEx-listed companies.

A total of 1,393 companies, 798 TWSE-listed and 595 TPEx-listed companies were evaluated, with the top 20% of scores being published. These companies were evaluated against 92 indicators from five categories, i.e., shareholder rights (15%), equitable treatment of shareholders (15%), structure and operation of the board of directors (35%), information disclosure (20%) and protection of stakeholder interest and corporate social responsibility (15%). 40 TWSE-listed and 30 TPEx-listed companies are rated top 5%. WIN and its counterparts were recognized in their excellence in corporate governance system, shareholder right, risk management, operation transparency and information disclosure with the honor.

Last month, WIN also earned the highest ranking (A++) in the 12th Information Disclosure and Transparency Ranking Evaluation (IDTR) completed by the Securities and Futures Institute. WIN will continue to ensure shareholder right, promote employee benefit and pursue sustainable development.