WIN Semiconductors Won the 2nd Taiwan Mittelstand Award

WIN Semiconductors Corp. was awarded the 2nd Taiwan Mittelstand Award by the Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the ROC (MOEA) at a ceremony held on February 26, 2014 in Taipei City. Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo presented the award to Dennis Chen, Chairman of the Board of WIN in the ceremony.

A total of 183 outstanding firms competed for this honor. The company was elected one of the 10 Taiwan Mittelstands (hidden champions) after the MOEA's critical evaluation as long as 6 months.

The policy of Taiwan Mittelstand of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan, following the theory of hidden champion in Germany, aims to find Taiwan enterprises that own traits and attributes common to hidden champions. The evaluation criteria include unique technique or service model in a specific area, competitive advantages in global market, manufacturing or operation base in Taiwan and benchmark of the industry. This award recognizes WIN’s efforts and contribution to technology innovation, establishing of pure-play GaAs MMIC foundry business in Taiwan and fostering of local engineering talents and supply chain in the field.