WIN Semiconductors Won the 3rd Anniversary Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award of National Industry Innovation Awards

WIN Semiconductors Corp. was granted the 3rd anniversary National Industry Innovation Award, Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Awards, “Organization”category at Kuo-Kuang Conference Hall of CPC (Taiwan), Taipei.

Since 2011, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan hosted National Industry Innovation Awards in honor of enterprises, academic organizations and research institutions that pursue value creation rather than revenue performance and make outstanding contribution to the industry by touching people. For the past decade, WIN focused on technology innovation and diversification, offering customers comprehensive state-of-the-art GaAs MMIC wafer processing technology. In addition to the breakthrough of creating a new business model in GaAs industry, WIN’s one-stop-shopping technology platform boomed innovation of global wireless communication community. WIN not only delivers complete, efficient, cost-effective and quality fabrication services, but also fosters local engineering talents and supply chain in its field. The award is a nation-wise recognition of WIN’s efforts on establishing GaAs dedicated foundry business, a brand new segment in Taiwan semiconductor industry, and becoming a benchmark of industrial innovation.