WIN Semiconductors Opens FAB B

Tao Yuan Shien Taiwan-May 1, 2009 – WIN Semiconductors today announced that is has opened FAB B in the Taiwan.  Co-Located in the Hwaya Technology Park with FAB A will offer cost effective synergy in operations.  FAB B capacity of 5K Wafer Per Month (WPM) in addition to the existing FAB A operating capacity of 7K WPM will offer WIN customers surety of supply.


“We at WIN are proud to have opened FAB B to meet accelerating customer demand in an industry driven by continued efficient outsourcing and consolidation.  Maintaining our aggressive posture, we have also purchased the land for FAB C located within the same Technology Park.” said Bob Donahue, Executive Vice president of Sales and Marketing at WIN Semiconductors.


About WIN Semiconductors


WIN Semiconductors is the world’s leading GaAs foundry offering wafer, DC&RF testing and visual inspection services. For more information about WIN Semiconductors visit www.winfoundry.com.