WIN Semiconductors Revenue Keeps Growing

WIN Semiconductors Corp. outperformed its Taiwan competitors in terms of revenue. WIN's foundry is currently operating at almost its full manufacturing capacity and its revenue is keeping growing. Emerging applications in the WLAN and CDMA market have helped to drive revenue upwards recently.


This translated to a large increase in monthly revenue to NT$80 million for most recent two months, reaching its monthly cash flow break-even point this year. Revenue of September may exceed NT$100 million. WIN anticipates it is likely to hit annual targets of year 2004, NT$900 million and monthly break-even, around end of this year.

To meet customers' time-to-market requirement, a capital expenditure plan is being launched to increase WIN’s capacity.


For past one year WIN has been enhancing its competence. After a capital reduction its operation performance was recognized by existing shareholders and institutional/individual investors. A fund raising of NT$700 million was successfully closed end of August.

About WIN Semiconductors Corp.

WIN Semiconductors Corporation (WIN) is a leading pure-play and dedicated GaAs RFIC/MMIC wafer foundry services provider with an advanced 6-inch wafer fab. The facility is ISO9001/QS9000/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certified.

WIN offers a wide spectrum of technologies for applications from 800 MHz to 100 GHz, including HBT, pHEMT, pHEMT Switch and mHEMT.

WIN has been established more than four years with proven track record of producing high performance RFICs and MMICs for its customers, to various industries from handset (PA and switch) and WLAN (PA and switch) to satellite communications and automotive radar MMICs. WIN customers include major IDM, fabless design and module/system companies. WIN is headquartered at No. 69, Technology 7th Road, Hwaya Technology Park, Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan, Republic of China. Visit the WIN website http://www.winfoundry.com for more information.

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