RF Integration and WIN Semiconductors form Strategic Alliance

June 10, 2003, TAIPEI, TAIWAN---- RF Integration (Lowell, USA) and WIN Semiconductors Corporation, a world-leading GaAs IC foundry inTaiwan, announced their cooperation in terms of MMIC design and chip manufacturing.

Using RF Integration RF/Mixed Signal design expertise, both companies agree to work together to provide a complete solution to customers that require MMIC designs, from single functions like Pas, Attenuators or Switches, to integrated solutions like complete Transceivers, based on a broad portfolio of GaAs wafer fabrication processes available from WIN. Through this collaborative supply chain, both companies can support customers from system specification to chip manufacturing.

"In addition to supporting WIN’s customers to develop their product portfolio using the“best-in-class“ process, working with WIN enhances our ability to deliver high quality and high performance products to the marketplace", says Jean Luc Lembert, VP Strategic Business Development.

“Our 6-inch GaAs processes (HBT and HEMT) are particularly tuned for affordable mass production of MMICs in applications from high volume components, such as handset PA and Switches, to high frequency and high performance components, such as broadband amplifiers and 77 GHz automotive radar MMICs” says Simon Yu, general manager and associate vice president of North America and Europe Sales at WIN.

“This alliance is a further step to strengthen our relationship with RF Integration. We are pleased to form such an alliance as we, with RF Integration’s expertise in MMIC designs and WIN’s advanced MMIC manufacturing capabilities, are enabling many levels of our customers (IDM, fab-less, module and system) to turn around their products in rapidly growing markets to meet performance and quality market demands within a short period of time”, continued Simon Yu.

About RF Integration
RF Integration designs and manufactures from Single Functions to “System-Driven” Highly Integrated RF/Mixed Signal Solutions for the Wireless Communications market. RF Integration offers from Design Services to full “Turn-Key” solutions, including packaging and testing of the final product. RF Integration is located in Lowell, Massachusetts, with subsidiaries in IrelandWeb page http://www.rfintegration.com.

About WIN Semiconductors Corporation
WIN Semiconductors Corporation (WIN) is a leading pure-play and dedicated GaAs RFIC/MMIC foundry services provider with an advanced 6-inch wafer fab. The facility is ISO9001/QS9000/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certified.

WIN offers a wide spectrum of technologies for applications from 800 MHz to 100 GHz, including HBT, pHEMT, pHEMT Switch and mHEMT.

WIN has been established more than three years with proven track record of producing high performance RFICs and MMICs for its customers, to various industries from handset (PA and switch) and WLAN (PA and switch) to satellite communications and automotive radar MMICs. WIN customers include major IDM, fabless design and module/system companies. WIN is headquartered at No. 69, Technology 7th Road, Hwaya Technology Park, Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan, Republic of China. Visit the WIN website http://www.winfoundry.com for more information.