WIN Semiconductors and ACCO Jointly Announce Strategic Alliance

February 11, 2003, TAIPEI, TAIWAN---- WIN Semiconductors Corporation (WIN), the world's leading pure-play GaAs RFICs/MMICs foundry services provider, and ACCO, a leading design service provider specialized on leading-edge analog, RF & Microwave integrated circuits for the semiconductor and system manufacturing industries, today announced that the companies have formed strategic alliance.


WIN and ACCO are partnering to provide a broad range of design services to their customers using WIN's full spectrum of GaAs process technologies and ACCO's expertise in RFICs and MMICs designs.


"We are very pleased to be associated with ACCO. With our state-of-the-art leading-edge process technologies and ACCO's expertise in MMIC designs, two companies together will create another great opportunities for customers of both companies in designing advanced products and systems", said Simon Yu, Associate Vice President for North American and European Sales at WIN.


"WIN is a very complementary partner for ACCO with excellent technologies and strong support ", said Denis Masliah, General Manager of ACCO. "We are happy to be associated with WIN and confident that our Intellectual Properties portfolio will help WIN customers speed up their products introduction"


Through this alliance both companies will benefit greatly from each other by creating a complete solution from design to finished parts. This enables customers (IDM, fabless, module and system) to turn around their products in rapidly growing markets (from wireless, telecommunication to automobile) within a short period of time. In the rapidly changing commercial environment, time-to-market of quality products enhances competitiveness and is the key to the success of the business.


About WIN Semiconductors Corporation
WIN Semiconductors Corporation (WIN) is a leading pure-play and dedicated GaAs RFIC/MMIC foundry services provider with an advanced 6-inch wafer fab. The facility is ISO9001/QS9000/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certified.
WIN offers a wide spectrum of technologies for applications from 800 MHz to 100 GHz, including HBT, pHEMT, pHEMT Switch and mHEMT.


WIN has been established more than three years with proven track record of producing high performance RFICs and MMICs for its customers, to various industries from handset (PA and switch) and WLAN (PA and switch) to satellite communications and automotive radar MMICs. WIN customers include major IDM, fabless design and module/system companies. WIN is headquartered at No. 69, Technology 7th Road, Hwaya Technology Park, Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan, Republic of China. Visit the WIN website http://www.winfoundry.com for more information.


About ACCO S.A.
ACCO SA is an Analog, RF and MMW design company with a strong background in radio circuits and power managements IP in technologies from pure digital CMOS to InP technologies, ACCO is also providing Loadpull system engineering as well as device modeling and characterization. ACCO is located in Europe (Saint Germain en Laye, France and Pavia, Italy) and in the USA (Littleton, Mass.) Web page: http://www.acco-ic.com.