WIN 6" Fab sets Record for GaAs HBT Performance Japanese IDM Qualifies WIN 2um HBT for "Bluetooth" A

Taipei, Taiwan, January 28, 2002 - WIN Semiconductors Corp. (WIN) announced that its 2um InGaP HBT has demonstrated a record-setting level of performance with 4 watt output and 75% associated power added efficiency at 1.9 GHz. Such performance can greatly reduce the power consumption and prolong the life of handset batteries. This performance has been verified both through internal testing and by several US customers. The Company has attracted over 40 international Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) and design houses to start engineering runs for handset, wireless local area network (WLAN), and Bluetooth power amplifier applications.

WIN further announced that its 2um HBT has been qualified by a major Japanese IDM house for use in Bluetooth power amplifier application. This is a first for Taiwan's emerging 6" GaAs foundries and expands WIN's lead in the field of GaAs manufacturing technology

The Company continues to advance 6" GaAs manufacturing technology in general, as well as making specific advances in the technology associated with both HBT and pHEMT manufacturing. In light of these advances, coupled with the aforementioned achievements, members of WIN's technical staff will present three papers addressing HBT technology, pHEMT technology and 6" GaAs manufacturing technology, at a major international conference this April.

These successes demonstrate that WIN can support customer demand for GaAs MMICs in its 6" manufacturing environment. Nevertheless, the total qualifying activity, for both process and product qualification for GaAs technology, is time consuming. The interval from initial process qualification, through design-in and product qualification, to production can be as much as 1.5 years. In addition to been qualified by the Japanese IDM house, WIN expects to complete this qualification interval and begin production with several customers this year.

"WIN has continuously delivered advanced technologies and services that provide our customers with competitive advantages," said Dr. CS Wu, President & CEO of WIN, "These successful results demonstrate WIN's capability to produce state-of-the-art 2um HBT technology. This excellent performance was achieved through the dedicated efforts of the technical staff that WIN recruited both locally and worldwide. Due to this outstanding performance, and in recognition of its technology, WIN will present 3 papers at the upcoming GaAs MANTECH conference to be held in April 2002 at San Diego, CA. WIN is honored to speak on the advances of both HBT and pHEMT technology as well as 6" GaAs wafer manufacturing technology at this most important Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology conference.

"No doubt 6" wafer manufacturing will be mainstream for GaAs MMIC in the twenty-first century," emphasized Dr. CS Wu, "Compared to 4" or 5" wafer manufacturing technology, 6" wafers are expected to deliver significant advantages in cost, yield, quality, and productivity. With the outstanding technology and production performances of WIN's 6" Fab, the company has clearly demonstrated, once again, world class manufacturing capability."

WIN is the first, pure-play, 6" GaAs foundry in the world. In addition to producing Asia's first 6", GaAs HBT and pHEMT MMIC wafers, Win has successfully demonstrated the world's first, 6", 0.15-um GaAs pHEMT MMIC wafer. The company has also started to make wafers with a final thickness of 50um accessible to its customers. Besides these excellent technical achievements, WIN has gained market acceptance for its role as a premier provider of foundry services. Since the beginning of 2001, more than 80 companies, including IDM and fabless design houses, have made contact with WIN.

WIN's Fab currently has a capacity of 1,500 6" wafers per month. With the completion of phase 2 cleanroom construction and installation of new equipment, the capacity is expected to reach 4,500 6" wafers per month by the end of this year. The full production capacity for this Fab is 100,000 wafers per year.