WIN Semi. Announced the Operations Plan for Replacement of Share Certificates for the Capital Reduction

The operations plan of the replacement of share certificates for the capital reduction was based on the Taipei Exchange Operating Procedures for Replacement Issues of TPEx Listed Securities:
1. Total shares and amount of the common shares before the capital reduction is 586,666,262
    shares with par value NT$10 and total paid-in capital, NT$5,866,662,620.
2. The amount and the number of shares of the capital reduction and terms:
    a. The amount and the number of shares of the capital will be reduced by NT$1,789,998,780
        and 178,999,878 shares respectively.
    b. Capital reduction ratio: 30.51136389% (adjusted due to cancellation of treasury stocks),
        the new share certificates of the replacement for the capital reduction will be calculated
        respectively according to each shareholder's ownership as registered in the book on the
        record date of the capital reduction. For each fractional common share resulting from the
        capital reduction, the shareholders can compose a complete share, and register the
        composition with the Securities Registrar and Transfer Agency within five days from the
        record date. Otherwise, the Company will pay the shareholder cash based on the close price
        at the latest trading day of Taipei Exchange, rounded down to whole NT dollar. The
        Chairman of the Board is hereby authorized to designate persons to purchase all of the
        fractional shares at the above-mentioned price.
    c. Each 1,000 shares of common stock shall be exchanged and replaced with new shares for
        694.8863611 shares of the same stock (i.e. Each 1,000 shares will be decreased by
3. Total shares and amount of the common shares after the capital reduction will be 407,666,384
    shares with par value NT$10 and total paid-in capital, NT$4,076,663,840.
4. Reason for the capital reduction: In order to improve the capital structure and enhance return
    on equity.
5. The new shares will have the same rights and obligations as those of the original shares.
6. Schedule:  
    a. The last trading day: 2016/09/09  
    b. Trading suspension period: 2016/09/10 ~ 2016/09/22  
    c. The last day before book closure: 2016/09/12  
    d. The book closure period: 2016/09/13 ~ 2016/09/22  
    e. The record date of the replacement of share certificates: 2016/09/17  
    f. The listing date for new share certificates: 2016/09/23  
    g. Payment date of the returned cash capital: 2016/09/23  
    h. After the listing of new shares at TPEx Listed Securities, original shares cannot be dealt in
        any transaction.
7. Conversion procedure:
    a. Since the Company has issued share certificates in scripless form, for the shareholders who
        do not have a centralized custody account, please open one with your current security firm
        to ensure the operation of the conversion can be carried out.
    b. For the shareholders who hold physical share certificates and have booked before the book
        closure date, please prepare your notice of conversion, registered chop, central depository
        account passbook and apply the conversion with the Company's transfer agent.
    c. The Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation will convert all the shares which have been
        deposited in centralized custody accounts in scripless form on the first trading date of
        the new shares for future trading.  
    d. Location of the application for conversion: Address:6F, No.6, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd.,
        Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Grand Fortune Securities Corporation
         Registrar Transfer Dept., TEL: 02-2371-1658.
8. For any issues not covered herein will be subjected to the Company Law of the R.O.C.
    (Taiwan) and related regulations.