WIN Semiconductors Corp.Expands High Voltage GaAsPassive Process for GaN Hybrid Power Amplifiers


IP3M process now enables cost effective input and output matching networks for 28V and 50V operation…


TAOYUAN, Taiwan – June 6, 2017: WIN Semiconductors Corp. (TPEx:3105), the world’s largest pure-play compound semiconductor foundry, has expanded its IP3M high voltage integrated passive device process to include matching networks for 28V (IP3M-00) and 50V (IP3M-01) applications.The IP3M process provides high quality factor circuit elements combined with humidity ruggedness required for use in low-cost plastic packages.

The flexible IP3M passive circuit platform provides three metal interconnect layers and high breakdown voltage capacitors needed to support reliable operation at 28V and 50V. These high quality passive elements are formed in a humidity robust architecture utilizing silicon nitride and multilayer low-k dielectric films. This process approach provides excellent resistance to humidity ingression at the high bias voltages used in GaN hybrid power amplifiers. The moisture resistance provided by IP3M enables passive networks compatible with 28V or 50V bias in non-hermetic plastic packages.

“The IP3M integrated passive device platform is fabricatedon 150mm semi-insulating GaAs wafers, and targetshigh voltage applications that require cost effective high-Qmatching networks,” said David Danzilio, Senior Vice President of WIN Semiconductors Corp. “The new IP3M-00 and IP3M-01 employ the samethree-metal platform that uses low-k dielectric crossoversfor compact design rules, and high resistance to moistureingression at the voltage levels commonly used by GaN technology.”

This IP3M process provides up to 7µm thick Au metallization with through-wafer vias for flexible ground connections. Additionally, IP3M allows layout flexibility for customers to optimize inductor quality factor, power combining and bond-pad arrangement to match a wide array of power cells in a multitude of package styles and environments.

WIN Semiconductors Corp. at 2017 International Microwave Symposium
WIN Semiconductors Corp. will be showcasing its RF and mm-Wave solutions in booth 1858 at the 2017 IEEE International Microwave Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii being held June 4-9.

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About WIN Semiconductors Corp
WIN Semiconductors Corp. is the leading global provider of pure-play GaAs and GaN wafer foundry services for the wireless, infrastructure and networking markets. WIN provides its foundry partners with a diverse portfolio of Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor and Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor, PIN Diode and Optical Device technology solutions that support leading edge products for applications from 50 MHz to 150 GHz and through light-wave. Custom products built by WIN Semiconductors Corp.are found in a vast array of markets, including smartphone, mobile infrastructure, optical communications, CATV, aerospace, defense and automotive applications.

For more than 17 years, WIN has provided foundry services from its state of the art, ISO9001/14001 certified 150mm GaAs facility headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. This multi-site manufacturing facility has more than 2200 employees and provides WIN customers with a diverse array of device technology platforms and value added services, including DC/RF product testing, Cu wafer bumping and advanced package solutions for accelerated product development.

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