WIN Semiconductors Increases Market Leading GaAs Wafer Manufacturing Capacity By More Than 20%


Latest phase expansion of manufacturing facilityfeatures advanced clean rooms andnewprocess lines for optical devices…


TAOYUAN, Taiwan – May 11, 2017: WIN Semiconductors Corp (TPEx:3105), the world’s largest pure-play compound semiconductor foundry,has completed phase 2 expansion atits newest wafer fab, Fab C.This operation is now fitted with state-of-the-art clean rooms, efficient process lines and advanced equipment for GaAs MMIC production, epitaxial growth of compound semiconductors, as well as fabrication and test of optical devices. Continued build-out of the new manufacturing facility further validates the pure-play foundry model in the compound semiconductor industry.

Serving customers in mobile PA, WiFi, wireless infrastructure and optical markets, WINSemiconductors provides a broad portfolio of Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor (HBT), Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT), integrated BiHEMT technology solutions and optical devices. WINSemiconductors’manufacturing servicescan support most any application from50MHz to 150GHz and through light-wave.

“In response toincreasing demand across all market segments, we continue to add manufacturing capacity at our third wafer fab located in Guishan,Toayuan City, Taiwan.Known as Fab C, the facilitynow supports mass production of a wide range of compound semiconductor technologies. When fully built out, the706,000ft2facility will more than double our capacity” said Kyle Chen, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating OfficerofWINSemiconductors.

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About WIN Semiconductors Corp
WIN Semiconductors is the leading global provider of pure-play GaAs and GaN wafer foundry services for the wireless, infrastructure and networking markets. WIN Semiconductors provides its foundry partners with a diverse portfolio of Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor and Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor, PIN Diode and Optical Device technology solutions that support leading edge products for applications from 50 MHz to 150 GHz and through light-wave. Custom products built by WIN Semiconductors Corporation are found in a vast array of markets, including smartphone, mobile infrastructure, optical communications, CATV, aerospace, defense and automotive applications.


For more than 17 years, WIN has provided foundry services from its state of the art, ISO9001/14001 certified 150mm GaAs facility headquartered in TaoyuanCity, Taiwan. This multi-site manufacturing facility has more than 2200 employees and provides WIN customers with a diverse array of device technology platforms and value added services, including DC/RF product testing, Cu wafer bumping and advanced package solutions for accelerated product development.

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