Message from the ESG Committee Chairman

WIN encourages innovation in technology, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and waste reduction to realize sustainable operations!

COVID-19 was still spreading around the world in 2021 and news of production suspensions, chip shortages, freight congestion, and rising prices were continuously reported. WIN's advanced process technologies and outstanding yield and production capacity became the most prominent growth drivers. In addition, while the die size shrink of the new generation 3D sensing chips for US-based smartphones caused the market to be cautious about the overall shipments for wafers, our 3D sensing revenue actually increased year-on-year given the increased difficulty of wafer production technology, making it another key growth driver for us in 2021. In response to the impact of global warming, we are committed to the development of new technologies and we continue to introduce high-performance technology platforms to produce more energy-efficient and energy-saving products used for mobile phones, wireless networks, radars, and satellites, etc. We contribute to global energy conservation and electricity consumption reduction with the continuous support of customers and adoption by consumers.

WIN continues to set reduction targets for energy, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution control, water resource, and waste management. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our production process. In 2021, we increased the recycled water volume to 263,941 tons, the water recycling rate was up 1.95% compared to the previous year. We also proposed many energy conservation and carbon reduction plans, and reduced electricity consumption by 1,994,885 kWh and emissions by 1,570 tons of CO2e. WIN has established the standard for GHG inventories since 2011 and set emission reduction targets for PFCs. We established a Working Group for Carbon and Energy Reduction in 2021 to fully drive GHG and energy reduction plans to reach net zero.

In 2021, WIN employed 3,513 workers and as we gradually increase the number of our employees, we will continue to prioritize a harmonious, inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace. We have established talent training systems, human rights policies, childcare subsidies, employee communication channels, and we continue to pursue the goal of zero occupational disasters. WIN promotes three main goals in alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, environmental protection, talent development, and contributing back to the communities that support us.

Chairperson of the ESG Committee