Message from the CSR Committee Chairman

Due to the uncertainties in the global market demand of smart phones in early 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, and the trade disputes between China and the United States, industry forecasts generally predicted a 10% decline in the global smart phone sales volume in 2020. Despite the difficulties, WIN reported a record-high NT$24.9 billion in annual revenue with a net profit of NT$6.5 billion and EPS of NT$15.45. WIN will continue to invest in the development of applications and materials for the future such as new GaN and InP technologies, and provide customers with the most advanced processes to help them expand their market share with leading technologies and performance. We also actively train local talents through industry-academia collaboration and academia exchanges to actively cultivate local talents.

Irregular climate change has led to the decrease of water resources in many catchment areas in Taiwan in 2020. WIN continues to set reduction objectives for energy management, greenhouse gas emissions management, air pollution control, water resource management, and effluents and waste management. We are also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the production process. We have met all objectives for annual electricity consumption, PFCs emissions, VOC reduction, water consumption, waste solvents, and general solid waste volume in 2020. We implemented 7 energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction plans which saved approximately 336,084 kWh of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by 286.06 tons CO2e.

WIN invested NT$4 billion in employee welfare in 2020. Taiwan's birth rate has repeatedly reached new lows and has become a severe issue. In response to the government's policy to encourage childbirth and to care for employees, WIN provides employees with childcare allowances and subsidies to encourage employees to start a family and give birth to children. As of the end of 2020, our policies have benefited 1,011 children. In terms employee health and work safety, we continue to advocate a "zero safety violations and zero health risks" policy. We spent NT$53 million in charitable donations, delivery of resources, and volunteers in 2020 to give back to the society and care for the disadvantaged.

WIN is committed to international initiatives for promoting corporate social responsibility. We also continue to focus on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and responded to 11 SDGs in accordance with the industry's characteristics and value chain.

Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility