Customer satisfaction is one of WIN's core values. As a foundry service provider, WIN remains committed to protecting customer privacy and confidential information.

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Protect Customer Privacy


Management Policy and Commitment

  • Management Policy :

    The Company started with the management policy and we established confidential information management policies to carefully provide definitions of confidential information and related operating procedures. We also defined multiple information operation procedures to ensure correct and secure information processing to provide customers' confidential information, including the customers' contracts, purchase orders, and technologies, with the highest level of protection. There has been no case of leaks of customer privacy in WIN. The Company shall continue to strengthen information protection software and hardware facilities, protect customer privacy, and ensure zero leakage of customer information.

  • Risk Identification:

    In response to a continuous stream of information security incidents in recent years, we continue to identify information security threats and vulnerabilities to verify and continue to enhance existing defensive measures.

  • Personnel Management:

    The Company continues to strengthen employees' awareness of information security and require new employees to receive training and sign employee commitment statements. For current employees, we increase their awareness of important information security information and adopt diverse channels including WIN's internal website, promotional posters, and training videos.

  • System Security:

    To protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer information, we continue to strengthen system and data security including the establishment of a comprehensive gateway control equipment, anti-virus system, network access control system, system weakness enhancements, and file encryption systems and mechanisms. We also implement rigorous access control and management for customer data and files.

  • Audit and Prevention:

    WIN continues to implement scans on the website and servers each year based on the Company's internal audit procedures to strengthen data security for customers and prevent theft by malicious external entities. We also rectify weaknesses based on the assessment report to complete consistent protection from inside to outside.

  • There has been no case of leaks of customer privacy in WIN. The Company shall continue to strengthen information protection software and hardware facilities, protect customer privacy, and ensure zero leakage of customer information.

Customer Satisfaction

  • WIN is committed to the development and innovation of manufacturing technology. We pursue quality with a spirit of excellence and provide customers with high-quality products to satisfy our customers. There were no product recalls due to harm to human health and safety in 2021.WIN has always focused on the importance of customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is the driving force for our efforts towards continuous improvements. We also adopt directions and measures derived from customer satisfaction surveys into standard operating procedures. We continuously research and develop our own technologies according to customer and market demands. Monthly or quarterly interviews with customers either in person or through video conferencing are conducted to adjust our internal practices, in order to improve work processes and enhance yield rates. In addition, customer satisfaction questionnaires are distributed at the beginning of every year for comprehensive inspection of improvement goals to ensure that our performance is in line with customer needs.

Customer satisfaction survey statistics

Product Accountability

  • Purpose

    • To meet international green procurement trends and customer demand, WIN fulfills product responsibilities, establishes comprehensive management systems, and discloses information on the official website for reference by customers. We provide customers and consumers with products that conform to international green environmental protection regulations.

  • Product Safety and Hazardous Substance Management

    • Since the EU implemented the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), WIN has required its products to meet the EU's regulations and other related hazardous substance free regulations to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders. WIN therefore began actively checking the ingredients of raw materials and we have established hazardous substance free management procedures.

      To protect the environment and people's safety and health, WIN prohibits or restricts the purpose of use and quantity of hazardous substances in its products and raw materials, based on international directives and customer requirements. Additionally, it has formulated a hazardous substance checklist for compliance by its suppliers and employees. WIN's checklist is composed of two major categories:

      ● List of Substances Prohibited or Restricted in Products

      ● List of substances in a product for which customers have been informed

    • WIN specifies in purchase contracts and order forms that new material suppliers must comply with WIN's supplier management procedures, and that the provided materials may not contain hazardous substances as defined by WIN. Furthermore, suppliers must regularly provide product testing reports and undertake annual supplier assessments as requested by WIN. Regarding new materials, the Technology R&D Department must abide by WIN's hazardous substance free management procedures when determining product specifications and selecting materials to ensure that new materials are hazardous substance free.

    • WIN requests all of its suppliers to provide declaration of not using of hazardous substances or third-party testing reports as part of the basis of evaluations which helps to ensure that the raw materials which WIN uses are free of hazardous substances.

    • To satisfy customers and other stakeholders' demands for HSF products, WIN products are subject to third-party testing at least once every year to ensure that all of its products are in line with international green environmental standards. Inspection items include product HSF inspections based on REACH, RoHS, PFOS & PFOA, and halogen-free regulations to ensure that all product meet international green environmental protection regulations. Since the commencement of product inspections, all WIN products have been verified as 100% conforming to related HSF regulations. WIN products have not caused any harm to people's physical health or environmental contamination in 2021.

  • Information Disclosure Regarding Hazardous Substance Free by WIN

    • A Hazardous Substance Free (HSF) section was set up in the E-Service section on WIN's official website, providing the following information pertaining to hazardous substance free and conflicting minerals for customer access:

      ● Declaration for Hazardous Substance Free

      ● Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free

      ● Conflict Minerals Reporting Template

      ● Third-Party Product Testing Report for the Year

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