Suppliers are important partners to WIN's sustainable development. To strengthen our partnership with suppliers, improve their quality, WIN established the "WIN Supplier Code of Conduct" to request suppliers to strictly abide by the contents of the Code of Conduct in all commercial operations and full compliance with the laws and regulations of the country/region of operations.

Materials used for producing wafers
are sourced from mines in
non-conflict areas.

Ratio of new suppliers in the supply
chain that signed the "WIN Supplier
Code of Conduct".

Supply Chain Management



WIN Supplier Code of Conduct

WIN Supplier Code of Conduct

Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Requirements for Supplier / Vendor /
Subcontractor / Contractor

Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Requirements for Supplier / Vendor /
Subcontractor / Contractor

Information Security Notice to Supplier

Information Security Statement

Prevention of Counterfeit Products

Prevention of Counterfeit Products

Requirement for suppliers of raw material and packaging material by WIN:

Notice for management changed

Any change on products including component, concentration of harmful material or location of manufacturing, suppliers must take the initiative to inform WIN.

Declaration for not use of haz ardous substances

Suppliers must confirm all of the raw material (recycled raw material included) and packing material do not contain the hazardous substances which list on Annex I. During the time of suppliers' annual evaluation and applying for new supplier and material assessment, suppliers must sign in Annex I.

Annex I_Certification for not use of hazardous substances
Testing Report
  • During the time of suppliers' annual evaluation and applying for new supplier and material assessment, suppliers must provide the testing report of raw material.
  • Testing report must be done in a fair laboratory by the third party. The process must meet the regulation of HSF.
  • Testing report provided by suppliers of raw material is valid for one year.
  • Supplier must provide testing report according to the following classification:
Types of suppliers RoHS REACH
Wafer V V
Metal V -
Polyimide V V
Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free

The supplier of metal shall use the latest "Conflict Minerals Reporting Template"(CMRT) by CFSI to disclose the mental sources and the smelters and refineries in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Risk Assessment

WIN manages sustainability risks for the supply chain to learn about sustainable development status in the supply chain. We implemented a three-stage risk investigation and survey of the sustainability risks of suppliers starting in the second half of 2019.

Risk assessment phase 1:Active investigation

Conduct a preliminary assessment and analysis of potential risks for all suppliers based on the regions, procurement amount, and production process of suppliers.

Risk assessment phase 2:Supplier self-assessment questionnaire

To learn more about r isk assessments of supplie rs, the Company conducts investigations on cr itical suppliers and i dentify suppliers' risks levels based on i nvestigation items that include the financi al capabilities, information security management, records in the industry, past business reputation status, logistics and support capacity, environmental protection management, and supply controls in order to identify, manage, and evaluate suppliers' supply capacity and risks.

Risk assessment phase 3:High-risk assessment/onsite inspection of suppliers

The Company identifies high-risk critical suppliers based on the supplier risk assessment table and conducts onsite inspections to require improvements for deficiencies. We implement varying levels of requirements for c ritical supplie rs to g radually reduce existing sustainability r isks, im prove t he sustainability performance in the supply chain, and contribute to a stronger supply chain management system.

Supplier Evaluation

WIN regularly assesses suppliers' compliance with the risk management items and choose partnerships based on supplier compliance and continuous performance.

Management of Ongoing Improvements in the Supply Chain

In order to prevent the risks of supply disruptions or discontinuations, which are often unavoidable, WIN performs ongoing risk assessments and audits of m ajor raw material suppliers. The Company also established contingency plans with respect to the geographic locations of suppliers' production facilities. In the event of a major supply disruption incident, WIN will be able to respond promptly to minimize the impact. The Company also updates and reviews suppliers' inventory levels and production scheduling plans on a m onthly basis and in tegrates the information management approaches of the supply chain's upstream and downstream players in order to minimize the anticipated risks.

WIN assists and guides suppliers and contractors into improving the work environment to improve safety and health concepts and sustainability management awareness. We organize labor safety education and training session for suppliers and contractors once every month. Contents include: WIN's sustainability management mechanisms and goals, safety and health regulation promotion, and increasing the awareness of leg al liabili ties for occupational hazards. We use seminar s to communicate future management requirements and key items.

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