WIN Semiconductors Provides New Design Functionality with the Availability of Automated Web-Based Design Rule Checking

World’s largest Pure-Play GaAs wafer foundry is now providing 24/7 design rule checking services with virtually instant feedback, enabling WIN’s customer’s to accelerate their product releases and achieve faster time to market

Building on a commitment to provide our worldwide customers with faster product development and short manufacturing cycle times, WIN Semiconductors, the world’s largest pure-play GaAs wafer foundry, has developed an automated design rule checking service that will speed the product release process. Companies in the highly competitive RF and Microwave IC markets have product development and design resources located across the globe, and in virtually every time zone, and these customers leverage WIN’s DRC resources during their release to manufacturing. This new 24/7 service, called WebDRC, is an always-on algorithm that provides WIN’s customer uninterrupted access to automated Design Rule Checking (DRC) wherever they are in the world, and at any time day or night. As the product release process nears its conclusion, critical design and circuit layout information has to be compared to the established design rules to ensure proper product functionality and high yield in the manufacturing process. Historically, this iterative process can add days to the start of manufacturing, as any design errors must be corrected before product release. This new automated service provides specific feedback of design errors in minutes, and enables WIN’s customers to identify and correct potentially fatal design problems earlier and as often as needed. WebDRC is available now and has been implemented for all WIN’s production technologies.

Please contact your local WIN Sales representative for more information and access to the WebDRC service.