WIN Semiconductors GaN Technology Project Got A+ Industrial Innovative R&D Program of the MOEA

WIN Semiconductors Corp. has been granted the A+ Industrial Innovative R&D Program sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

The goal of this A+ project is to build-up the capability of GaN on semi-insulating (S.I.) Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology for RF applications within Taiwan. In this 3-year project, we will collaborate with industry, government, academia and research institutions. The motivation is to develop GaN devices and MMICs on S.I. SiC material, expanding WIN Semiconductors products to the high power RF market enabling future 4.5G/5G cellular base-stations for next generation cell phones, satellite communications to enhance wireless connections in airplanes, Internet of Thing (IoT) and big data, cloud applications. GaN transistors and MMIC technologies with gate lengths of 0.45μm, 0.25μm and 0.15μm will be developed by WIN Semiconductors on SiC substrates for commercial production. These technologies will beneficially strengthen the competitiveness of the compound industry in Taiwan.