WIN Semi’s Board Approves Proposal For Fund Raising Plan By Issuing Common Shares Through Private Placement

        WIN Semiconductors Corp. (WIN Semi., TPEx: 3105) today announced that the Board of Directors has approved a proposal to implement a fund raising plan by issuing not exceeding 40,000,000 common shares through private placement for partnership with potential strategic investors. The strategic investors is subjected to whom can meet the Company’s business needs in terms of developing new market, expanding operation scale and generating direct or indirect benefits for future operations. The major targets will be Company’s customers.
        The pricing method for reference price will be in accordance with Directions for Public Companies Conducting Private Placements of Securities and the actual issuance price shall no lower than the reference price in compliance with the regulation. The proceeds will be used for capex, R&D expenses and working capital. The private placement will reinforce financial structure and contribute to the stability of the Company’s growth, which can benefit shareholders’ equity.
        This resolution is subject to the approval of shareholders at the annual general meeting scheduled for June 16, 2017 and it is proposed to authorize the Company’s Board to implement the private placement based on the capital market status and Company’s actual needs.
        For further details, please see the announcement on MOPS http://emops.twse.com.tw/ (Stock Code: 3105).